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Interview with Makeup Artist to the Stars Laura Mohberg

Interview with Makeup Artist to the Stars Laura Mohberg

Los Angeles-based makeup artist took an unconventional road to the world of beauty: after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Math/Science, she worked as an auditor for a decade before stumbling upon a career in makeup. She began her career as an assistant, and now is in demand for major events, working with talents such as Heidi Klum, Halle Berry, Idina Mnezel, Cameron Diaz, Claire Danes, Rachel Weisz and Tyra Banks. After so many years in the business, she is truly an expert on beauty.

Laura spoke with TATCHA about her inspiration, her perspective on beauty, and her dream client…

How did you discover your passion for beauty? 
About 20 years ago, I was volunteered by my mother to do the makeup for church plays.  I actually never had a particular affinity towards makeup and I never wore much myself.  I found I liked the immediate gratification, the intimacy and the beauty.

I also have the mind of a mathematician – I am a problem solver; I see symmetry in nature and it makes sense to me.

During this time I was seeking a new career – one that I would enjoy even if I were not getting paid to do it. Makeup seemed to fit.

If your hands could grace makeup on any face, who would it be?

I am a huge movie classics fan.  There is something so new yet nostalgic and elegant about that time in film.  The faces during the era from the 30's to the 60's were so distinct.  The women of that time all looked so different from one another. I was very drawn to Natalie Wood.  I loved all her movies.  I think she has a complexity within her that is so compelling. There is something quirky, fun and mysterious about her look.  She doesn't look like anyone nor has any one come after her that can match her uniqueness.

What look would you create?  
I would probably do something modern. Over the years not only the chemistry of makeup has completely changed but there are new textures, more colors, organic options. I would probably start with a lot of creams: cream eyeshadows, cream blush and luminescent foundations with lots of lashes and finish off with a beautiful stained lip.

There is a Japanese saying, kodawari, which refers to the pursuit of perfection in the details. How do you feel this applies to your work? 

In makeup, perfection is what you can't see.  It's an illusion of perfect glowing skin.  The makeup itself is imperceptible.

Fill in the Blank

My beauty ritual is…balanced

I find inspiration…in nature

I am delighted when…I have nothing to do

The best advice I’ve received is…give it away

My best beauty secret…is a secret…then I go the with best advice and I give it away:)




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Published May 4, 2013
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