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Interview with Daniel Martin Professional Makeup Artist

Interview with Daniel Martin Professional Makeup Artist

This is the second interview in a series in which Tatcha will be featuring rising talents across a range of professions that touch the beauty world who inspire us with the simplicity, authenticity and elegance they bring to the work they love. Enjoy!

T: Daniel, it is an honor to be able to interview a fast rising talent in the world of high fashion. Can you tell us about how your passion for makeup artistry evolved?

DM: My background is French and Vietnamese, and I fell in love with makeup while watching my french grandmother put on her face in the morning. There was ritual to her application and it always resonated with me.

T: Your approach to makeup has been described as “refined” and “harmonious”, while the overall impact is striking at the same time. How would you describe your artistic aesthetic?

DM: I’m known for my sensibility with skin. Being able to balance color, light and texture without having a face look over-done is what my aesthetic is all about. Call it my inner art director, but sometimes it’s about stepping back and looking at the whole woman, vs. only just the face.

T: Do you draw any inspiration from any other cultures?

DM: I live in one of the greatest cities in the world (NYC) full of cultural and ethnic diversity. Every day I’m blessed drawing inspiration from when I leave my apartment ’til the time I come home.

T: It’s been noted that you have a loyal following from cutting edge designers like Proenza Schouler and Thakoon. Is there a commonality in your beauty philosophies?

DM: I have special relationships with several different designers because I am able to understand the kind of woman they are designing for. Helping execute that vision with their presentation or show, is just as important—something I’ve learned over the years. I’m also very grateful to share these creative collaborations with them.

T: Tatcha is honored to be a part of your kit. What is your secret to exquisite skin?

DM: I have 3 things I always tell my clients, models, whomever—Cleanse, Hydrate and Protect! Keeping these things balanced in your regimen will keep your skin looking its best!

T: What exciting things are in store for Daniel in 2010?

DM: Designer Chris Benz and I have created a lipstick for Lancome that will be exclusive to Saks 5th Ave in February 2010. It’s a limited edition opaque Pink-Coral lipstick! Very fresh and modern for spring/summer! We premiered the shade at his show during Fashion Week here in NY, and there’s already a wait list for it.

T: Fun fact: who is your beauty icon?

DM: I get asked this a lot and its always difficult to answer because beauty has so many facets to it, and it’s very generational, too. So many amazing women have revolutionized trends in the industry but to say one person—I think Madonna. Whether you love to hate her, she has been inspirational for a lot of women after her.

See Daniel’s breath-taking work online at: Daniel Martin




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Published June 27, 2009
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