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Inspirations: Interview with Nick Verreos Fashion Designer

Inspirations: Interview with Nick Verreos Fashion Designer

This is the third interview in a series in which Tatcha will be featuring great talents across a range of professions that touch the beauty world and who inspire us with the simplicity, authenticity and elegance they bring to the work they love. Enjoy!

T: Nick, we are delighted to interview a man of so many talents. Starting with your work as a designer, where do you draw your inspiration from when creating the elegant NIKOLAKI gowns that marry the timelessness of Grecian goddess forms with modern luxury?

NV: First of all, thank you so much for those kind words, I am “clutching my pearls” as I read this! I think I draw my inspirations from my life experience, my mixed culture background, my travels and from just being very aware of “everything and anything” around me. My father is Greek-American and my mother is originally from Panama and I was raised in Caracas Venezuela as well as the Bay Area—yes, near San Francisco! So, when I design, there’s a little bit of South American Diva mixed in with Grecian Goddesses mixed in with the “metropolitan” feel of Pacific Heights. My dad was a diplomat so I got to travel a lot and he encouraged me to see outside my “home box”, as it were. So I was fascinated with other lands; their cultures, the geography, the music, etc. All of that becomes my inspirations when I design.

T: Since competing on Project Runway, you’ve become a favorite red carpet fashion expert. We think it’s because you emanate a sense of joy in all that you do. Are you having as much fun as it looks like you’re having?

NV: I have to tell you that I LOVE IT! Absolutely! Trust me, when I did Project Runway, I had no idea that I would have this “other life” and become a “fashion red carpet expert”. That just fell onto me. But I was happy to take it and run! Besides designing my line since 2001, I’m also an instructor of fashion with FIDM for the last 6 years, so I feel completely at ease giving my opinion. I know fashion history, construction, terminology. I am not just an actor pretending to be a “style expert”, as so many are nowadays. But I am so glad that the fun I am having comes through to you. I am just thankful, grateful and humbled that anyone is calling and wanting my “Nick Two Cents”!

T: TATCHA is honored to have our little skin essential accompanying you to your red carpet events. What other secrets do you have for always looking picture perfect?

NV: Can I just tell you how much I LOVE Tatcha beauty papers. I received it as a gift and it was like “done and done”. My Tzone, I will admit, is , well, let’s just say “overactive”. And when I do my TV shoots, the make-up artists (or myself) are always pouring on more and more powder or at times, just wiping me with paper towels constantly (this occured last year when I did the Emmys Red Carpet and it was 107 degrees here in LA!). But now, I bring my Tatcha and just hand them over to the make-up artist or keep one in my pocket and take it out to blot any excess shine. In fact, I keep TWO packets in my “manbag” and use them EVERY DAY. They are perfect when I host events, have to make appearances, all of it. If there’s any “secrets” , that would be it—that and great editors and photoshop artists!

T: What exciting things are in store for Nick Verreos in 2010?

NV: Well, I am continuing working on my line NIKOLAKI, and possibly having an online NIKOLAKI web-boutique. I am working on a line to be sold at either QVC or HSN. I would love to bring my “red carpet look” to your everyday American woman, at a more “discounted” price. I also filmed a Style Network show which will air in January. I also just signed a deal to be the Style Guy for MSN and Special K’s “The Victory Project”, where I will travel four US cities, find four women and make them over and hopefully make their lives better and more fashionable! Look out for that, I am very excited about it.

T: Fun fact – if you had a themes song, what would it be and why?

NV: It would be a “mash-up” of “Le Freak” by Chic and the theme from Dynasty. Totally!

To learn more about Nick’s beautiful designs for NIKOLAKI and see him in action covering the latest and greatest in red carpet fashion visit: www.nickverreos.com




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Published November 12, 2010
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