Nonie Crème, celebrity nail artist and the creator of Butter London’s product line, has been obsessed with beauty from a young age. From painting her nails every night in 5th grade to roaming backstage at Fashion Week, she is a force to be reckoned with in the beauty industry.

A devoted TATCHA fan, Nonie curated a special set of her must-have items from our collection. We spoke with her about kodawari, her beauty tips, and what’s next for Nonie.

There is a Japanese saying, kodawari, which refers to the pursuit of perfection in details. How do you feel this applies to your work?

It's a wonderful concept, because kodawari reminds us that perfection is sometimes quietly present, and not always instantly recognizable. If you approach your art and business with an awareness of the minutia, overall perfection is imminent. Imagine a red manicure that looks pretty from a distance, and when you get close, is actually made up of hundreds of tiny red pinstripes, painstakingly hand-painted. Kodawari!

Between your world travels and your backstage work, life is busy! Do you have any on-the-go beauty tips that can take you from runway to the runway?

My hair HATES to be washed every day – it goes all fluffy and frizzy. I like to take a tip from the models and brush baby powder through my hair instead of washing. It makes it just the right amount "dirty", and makes it look so thick! Also, for the perfect sexy, slept-in eye, I apply jet black eyeliner to the inside rim of my eyes and across my lids at take-off. By the time I get where I'm going, my smoky eye is just right.

How does your daily life inspire the work that you do?

Fashion and color are present everywhere, so even a trip to the corner store can be inspiring. I am prolific iPhone snapper, and archive the things I see for future reference. It could be a hairstyle, cool shoes, or just an amazing color I spot in some old graffiti. I try to imagine what I would want to look like "in a perfect world", and then conceive products or branding that speaks to that woman.

What must-have beauty items do you have in your bag when backstage?

TATCHA Original Aburatorigami Beauty Papers are a no-brainer! I carry L'Oreal B.B cream and after blotting apply a thin layer instead of powder for great skin.  I never leave home without a black eyeliner (Stila), and MAC false lashes mascara.

What's in store for Nonie for 2013?

I am doing some exciting brand and design consulting in fashion and accessories that is really stretching my imagination and boundaries. Having grown a global brand off my friend's kitchen table gave me the insight to help other companies get to grips with their own branding and product assortment. Being able to play in arenas outside of nails has been hugely rewarding and I'd expect to start another company somewhere in the fashion/beauty realm in the near future…

Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

published January 2013

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Photo 1: Nonie Crème being interviewed with designer Alexander Wang

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