With wedding season in the air, I wanted to introduce one of my favorite ‘crane’ stories. Katia Beauchamp, the founder of Birchbox, was married three years ago but has known her husband since they were children. Their 5th grade playground friendship continued through high school, finally blossoming into a romance.  

Katia took a moment to share her thoughts on relationships and marriage – and, of course, her fairytale wedding.

Tell us about your wedding. What inspired you when planning your day? What were some of your favorite details?
We were married in Rethymnon, Crete. There was no official theme since I was in the middle of launching Birchbox, so I suppose “Greek Island”. I loved the way everyone in our wedding party looked that day. With the dresses, accessories and pinstripe suits, it was a well-appointed group.

I also loved the surprise fire lanterns that we sent off into the sky, followed by fireworks before our reception. It was magical!

To perform a ritual is to pause time for a moment and find peace. Did you enjoy any pre-wedding rituals?
I love the ocean, as all my friends are aware. The day of the wedding, covered in thick zinc sunscreen, I spent hours playing in the waves of the Mediterranean sea.

As a beauty guru, what tips do you have for brides to look picture perfect on their big day?
For my wedding, I wanted to look like myself, but the best version. I had just landed on TATCHA, which was perfect: it was so hot in Crete, and I am not a fan of the look of powder.

There are basically three layers to every part of your face, in order to create a lasting look. For face and eyes, you prime, then use your cream level (blush, liner, etc.) before powder. Don’t forget your eyebrows! Obviously, you blot throughout the day with TATCHA.

TATCHA is based on wisdom passed down and honed through generations of women. Now that you have been married for three years, what was the best marriage advice you received?
Make time for this part of your life. The best marriages need, and deserve, time to stay close to each other’s happenings and evolving lives.

Discover more of Katia’s wisdom on the Birchbox blog.

Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

published June 2013

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