In the adventure of life, sometimes it’s the random meetings that prove most interesting. This was definitely the case when I found myself seated near Brit Morin at an intimate dinner party in Silicon Valley. Brit is young, yet carried herself confidently in a room of experienced businesswomen, exuding a true passion for the kind of creative expression that is at the heart of her namesake website—a mix of tech tips, tricks and colorful DIY projects that attracts millions of views each month.

After a few minutes of conversation, we realized we had much in common: We both grew up Texas, attended the University of Texas at Austin, married and made our home in the Bay Area, and we’re both CEOs of young, growing companies. We’ve kept in touch ever since, and I’m delighted to feature her in our new entrepreneurship series.

Congratulations on your new book, Homemakers. Can you tell me a little bit about what inspired this book, and what kind of impact you hope it brings?

While I love all the excitement about “leaning in” these days, it felt like the world wasn’t celebrating all of the creative ways that women can now “lean out” at home. Think about it -- unlike our moms and grandmas, this generation is the first to grow up with the Internet and all kinds of new technologies that has made it easier to be more creative at home. Homemakers is a handbook for this new generation, teaching over a thousand ideas, technologies and projects for the modern home. Now all of my secrets can be yours too!

Entrepreneurship is a dramatically different path from working for the big technology companies—what inspired you to strike out on your own?

I knew that if I were to take the risk, it would be much easier to do when I was younger, without kids, and without as much to lose. I had learned a lot from my career at large technology companies like Apple and Google, and … and I wanted to change the way women view themselves creatively.

When I considered becoming an entrepreneur, the first aspect I considered was the lifestyle change. It seemed like a huge change to commit my life so entirely to this endeavor. What did you consider when you made the change?

When I started Brit + Co, I didn’t yet have kids. So my biggest lifestyle concern was how I would structure my time given it would be so limited outside of work hours. I’ve had to make social sacrifices with my friends and family due to a very large workload. I’ve also had to figure out how to structure personal time for my exercise and hobbies. Oh, and then you have to find time to sleep, too! It’s definitely not easy, but you ultimately get the hang of it all. Hopefully you have support from people who support you and love you regardless of how chaotic your schedule is.

Entrepreneurship is a time of highs and lows. Tell us about your highest high and lowest low. What did you learn about yourself during these times?

There are way too many to count! Every day is different. The first year of running Brit + Co was one of the most emotional times of my life. If our business metrics were off, I would have the worst day ever. If we exceeded our targets, I would be ecstatic. These days, I am able to compartmentalize my positive or negative emotions so that they don’t throw my mood or management abilities totally off track.

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow in your footsteps, either in their career or making a change in their life?

Make a list of things you love to do. Make a list of problems you think need to be solved in the world. Then match those two lists together and see which one could be a great business opportunity. I wholeheartedly believe the old saying that if you “find a job you love, then you’ll never work a day of your life.” (Even though, let’s be real, if you’re starting a company, you’re going to work HARD. You’ll just enjoy that work much more if you align it with your passions.)

As an entrepreneur, work and life become one, which can seem all encompassing. And now you are a new mom on top of it all! How do you continue to stay inspired and create something new?

Sleep less, love/work more! ;) Having a child brings a whole new angle to life that has inspired my creativity in countless ways.

How has entrepreneurship changed you as a person?

There’s definitely not a great one-line answer. I am profoundly different. I am more tolerant with risk. I am a better listener. I am a ruthless prioritizer. I am inspired. I am strong. I am a leader. I have an inner confidence I could have never had without taking this crazy journey. And the best part is that I’m only three years in. I’ve learned more in those three years than I think I could have in 10 at a regular job.

Tatcha is based on the wisdom of generations, finely honed and handed down by women. Who had made your journey more beautiful, and what did they teach you?

My son, Ansel, five months old, has changed my life unlike I ever thought possible. I cannot express the joy I have as a mother, and it’s taught me so much about how everything else in life is temporary and less substantial than family. I can’t wait to teach him more, to laugh with him more, and to watch him grow. As inspired as I am to get out of bed for work each day, I’m 10x more inspired to be a mother.

Your website features many tips and tricks to stay creative and organized. What's your favorite way to stay organized at work?

I structure my days very rigidly. No one is allowed to meet with me outside of 1-5 p.m. That way, I can spend the mornings getting all of my real work done, and be out of the office by 5 p.m. to go home and put my son, Ansel to bed. I hop back online at night to finish up the day and wake up at 6 a.m. to start all over again.

What are your secrets for feeling beautiful amidst your busy schedule? Do you have any special rituals?

I’m not even writing this because I’m being interviewed by Tatcha, but I swear by the Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream. I am often sleep-deprived, especially while traveling (hello, red eyes!), but this cream keeps my skin moist and fends of the wrinkles and dryness that I see approaching more and more as I age. I am also lucky enough to get my hair and makeup done fairly often for TV appearances and photo shoots, which is definitely a confidence booster in the looks department. Thank God for whoever invented concealer and mascara.

Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

published March 2015

Entrepreneurship, Interviews
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