This is the eighth interview in a series in which we will be featuring great talents across a wide range of professions that touch the beauty world and inspire us with the simplicity, authenticity and elegance they bring to the work that they love.

Today, we are honored to introduce you to Natsuko Kanno, an Osaka native who is now a rising talent in the New York fashion world.  After graduating from Kobe Art University and the Fashion Institute of Technology, Kanno-san honed her craft under Doo-Ri, DKNY JEANS and Liz Claiborne before launching her own line in 2007 called 4 corners of a circle.

T: Congratulations on debuting your 2nd full collection last week at New York Fashion Week.  What was your inspiration for this collection?

NK:   I’ve always loved my culture but now that I’ve been living in New York since 2002, I appreciate the beauty of my culture even more because I’ve developed a broader perspective.  After the catastrophe that happened this year, I wanted to pay tribute to the people of Japan who have been so brave.  I was drawn to this film by Akira Kurosawa called “DREAM” about classical Japanese fairytales.  The subject matter in the movie is very traditional but the colors were so vivid, like a rainbow.

T: “Heritage through Fairytales” was also the theme of J-Collabo’s event last weekend, in which you were a featured designer.  Can you tell us about J-Collabo and your involvement with the group?

NK: J-Collabo is a collaborative of artists interested in sharing Japanese culture.  We are passionate about using classical Japanese culture to create new forms of art together.  I am a young designer so working with J-Collabo has given me a unique opportunity to work with other artists, like photographers, that I otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to meet.

T: How would you describe your line, 4 corners of a circle?

NK:  4 Corners of a Circle is my personal motto – in what looks like a circle, there might exist four corners.  For me it’s about the importance of originality.  I work to create pieces that women today can wear comfortably, look stunning in, and really live in.  It’s about elegance and comfort and ease.

T: Where did your passion for beauty and design come from?

NK: My mother has been a really big influence on me.  She is a gymnastics teacher but you would think she teaches English because she is always dressed so beautifully.  She is so beautiful and naturally stunning.  Even when I was a little girl, she would dress me YSL.

T: How do you define beauty?

NK: I always believe in a person's inner beauty, which really comes out with age.

T: What is your beauty routine?

NK:  I love bathing in sake.  It warms your whole body.  I love drinking sake too so when I tell my friends I’ve bathed with sake, they think I’m drinking while bathing but I’m really bathing in it.  I also noticed that when I drink sake, my skin looks really good the next day.

Kanno-san, after the beautiful show you put on at Fashion Week, you deserve a relaxing soak and great sake.   Congratulations again!

To learn more about Natsuko Kanno’s 4 corners of a circle, please visit

To learn more about J-Collabo, please visit

Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

published April 2011

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