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Join me on my journey

Join me on my journey

In the hustle of everyday life, do you ever look around and wish you could have a fresh start?

I have.

As with many women, my beauty rituals have been a metaphor for my stage in life.

Early on, I longed for reinvention and my dressing table overflowed with products that promised total transformation.

Later, as a professional I sought confirmation and lined my bathroom vanity with expensive products that proclaimed my status as such.

With each stage of life came a new arsenal of products. It seemed that the more I acquired though, the more I needed to feel whole and beautiful.

Around that same time, I started traveling to Asia and rediscovered a different approach to life and beauty — that less is more.

Today, as I prepare to be a mother for the first time, I am on a humble quest for less.

I yearn for enlightenment, simplicity and authenticity in my life and in my beauty rituals.

Tatcha is my way of sharing things I learn and find along the way – from the playful to the inspirational.

Join me in my journey!

Vicky Tsai

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Victoria Tsai
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Published September 8, 2011
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