It’s no wonder that the word presentation begins with the word “present." A beautifully wrapped gift not only enhances the appearance of the contents inside, it is also especially important in Japan because it communicates a keen appreciation for detail and respect for the recipient. This is why we wrap our gifted TATCHA Rituals in kiribako — traditional wooden boxes handcrafted in a simple but elegant design.

Our boxes are made of paulownia wood, also known as the “princess tree," a symbolic and favorite choice. Traditionally, families would plant a tree following a baby girl's birth, and a special chest would be made out of its wood when she married as a way to carry her most precious belongings to her new home.

Over the centuries, kiri boxes have been used to protect treasured items such as swords, silk kimono or precious jewelry. We work closely with an artist in Kyoto to create our custom boxes as a way to keep this custom -- as well as the love of giving heritage keepsakes -- alive for generations to come.



Learn more about our Complete Kiri RITUAL sets, which come wrapped inside a custom TATCHA kiribako, here.

Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

published December 2013

Food, Design, Kyoto
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