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A Snowy Hush

A Snowy Hush

At work, I sometimes plug in my headphones to listen to classical music. However, as the holidays draw near and my daughter fills the house with lively Christmas music, I find myself seeking something a bit more calming.

In San Francisco, we don’t get to hear the hushed sound of snow blanketing the city—something I found truly relaxing during my time on the east coast.

Ever since a friend recently showed me videos on YouTube that play different sounds, like snow, rain or ocean waves crashing, I’ve been hooked. It’s as effective as the sound machines that sometimes play in spas or medical offices, but without the bulk and with so many more options.  I’ve discovered that playing one of those videos while I work makes me more productive and meditative. The soft background noise is far more relaxing than music coming through the headphones.

What are you listening to this holiday season? Are there any favorite songs or carols that you would recommend?

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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published December 19, 2014
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