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A timeless lesson

A timeless lesson

As an entrepreneur, my mind is often anticipating new challenges and planning my journeys. Finding time for a few moments of meditation can be difficult, but transitioning from my busy work schedule to quietude is often the bigger challenge. Although I understand the many health benefits of meditation and have read dozens of books and articles about it, my mind still wanders. In frustration, I even gave up for a couple of weeks.

On a recent afternoon, I received a picture from my daughter’s preschool—one of many teachers regularly send to parents showing class activities. Alea was seated in a circle with her friends, eyes closed and a completely relaxed, serene look on her face. Later that day, she explained that the teachers called it a meditation session—something the group did every day.

“Is it hard?” I asked.


“How do you meditate?”

“I don’t know ... I don’t think about anything.”

She made it sound so simple. Listening to Alea’s approach to meditation eased much of the pressure I had felt in my own sessions. It also made me realize that even a few minutes spent in the middle of the day can be as helpful—or even more so—than trying to carve out longer chunks of time in the morning or evening. Incorporating spontaneous moments of meditation throughout the day, especially when I’m rushing to catch a flight or tucking Alea into bed, make meditating more accessible and less intimidating. It’s just another part of my life that can be as easy or as hard as I make it. If you too have found scheduling meditation more stress inducing than reducing, try changing it up to see whether you can fit it more spontaneously into your day, moment to moment. Or ask a child, like I did! His or her response might be just the unexpected pearl of wisdom you didn't know you were looking for.

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Victoria Tsai
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Published May 29, 2015
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