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Sharing My Daughter’s Dreams

Sharing My Daughter’s Dreams

Dear Alea,

You are nine and a half now and it feels like you are growing up faster every day. There is a part of me that wants your childhood to last forever, but it is also amazing watching you become aware of the world around you and your place in it.

Since you were little, you have been visiting the incredible girls around the world who are going to school through to the Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures partnership that we have with Room to Read. You were just starting to read then too, and you loved that girls would have new libraries full of colorful books and stories of adventure to enjoy, just like you.

This year, we went to back to Cambodia to visit a library that you helped build. You still had fun playing with the girls and reading with them, but you also saw their lives in a way you haven’t before. You wondered what it must be like to be an orphan, to not be able to see a doctor when you get sick and to not have enough to eat. You are beginning to understand how education is a superpower. You know that with an education these girls will do the work they dream of, earn money to take care of themselves, their families and change their communities.

You’ve seen firsthand that you’re never too little to make a difference.

You understand that dreams do come true and that the dreams we have for others are the ones most worth fighting for.

Keep dreaming about how you can make the world around you better and keep turning those dreams into reality!



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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published May 10, 2019
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