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Okinawa, the Source of Luminosity

Okinawa, the Source of Luminosity

When I first traveled to Japan, I was quickly taken with the bustling, neon-lit streets of Tokyo and the serene canals of Kyoto. I soon learned, however, about one of Japan’s lesser-known treasures: Okinawa, a collection of islands south of the mainland.

The more I discovered about Okinawa, a pristine haven of sandy white beaches sloping gently toward an aquamarine sea, the more entranced I became. Not only does Okinawa host botanical gardens, national parks, and endangered creatures like the Iriomote cat, it’s also home to some of the most abundant coral reefs and wildlife in the world.

Perhaps what I found most remarkable is that the inhabitants of Okinawa are famed for having the longest average lifespan in the world. This astounding longevity is attributed in part to their activity—Okinawa is the birthplace of karate—as well as to their plant-based, nutrient-rich diet. Surrounded by water, Okinawan’s have much respect for the ocean and its bounties, and a meaningful part of their diet consists of seaweed, the most precious of which is a red algae. Harvested during special times of the year for religious ceremonies, its name in Japanese means “treasure from the god of the sea”.

This natural wonder contains powers nourishing to the skin and the body.  TATCHA’s research team also discovered red algae to be a vital source of Beterhelin, a natural polysaccharide which promotes the skin’s barrier function and enchances moisture retention, in addition to its free radical-scavenging properties. Understanding this, Okinawa red algae became an integral part of TATCHA’s HADASEI-3 complex.

The purity of the Okinawa lifestyle along with the incredible power of this cherished algae inspired me so much that it led to the creation of the TATCHA Water Collection. We harnessed the water-retaining power of the red algae and added elevated amounts to  our HADASEI-3 complex to create even deeper hydration. The collection’s refreshing mist and hydrating mask are designed to help keep your skin hydrated even in the drying summer months. It is my hope that, with these new discoveries, we can bring some of Okinawa’s purity, health, and glowing beauty to you.


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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published July 17, 2012
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