As we prepare to celebrate the holiday season with friends and family, my focus on the importance of giving is renewed. It’s a passion that began with my first trip to Japan. During my time there, I was deeply touched by the tradition of gift giving (“OKURU” in Japanese) that’s so ingrained in the culture, and the way it’s used to show honor and respect for others.

I learned that, in Japan, gifts are given for many occasions but have particular meaning in December. To prepare for the fresh start of a new year, gifts are given to show gratitude for relationships that grew during the past year. On December 13th, geisha hand-deliver special rice cakes to their teachers, a gesture that shows appreciation for the past and best wishes for the future. In return, each young woman is gifted with a dancing fan.

When I created TATCHA, my intention was to emulate this gracious and considered giving. And now, to help you experience the joy of it for yourself, we have created the exclusive OKURU Holiday Gift Set. An exquisite selection inspired by the geisha’s timeless beauty ritual, it’s ideal for any skin type and presented in a silk Japanese bag.

With TATCHA, I have found that my greatest delight comes with what I can give to our customers. I hope to share that joy with you this holiday season.

Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

published December 2012

Beauty Secrets
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