The beginning of March is a beautiful time of year in Japan. Winter is receding, and peach and plum blossoms have begun to color the trees. What I love the most, though, is the air of celebration. March 3rd is Girls’ Day, or hinamatsuri, a day dedicated to the joy and magic of girlhood.

One of my favorite daily rituals is helping Alea get ready in the morning. Like other girls her age, she never tires of her own reflection — she is fascinated by her pigtailed hair, her pink shirt, her adorable smile. When she looks in the mirror, she sees beauty and potential, and I can’t help but see it too.

I hope that Alea continues this ritual as she grows older, despite the pressure that girls experience today. If she begins to lose sight of her own radiance, I will be there to remind her of the little girl admiring herself in the bathroom mirror.

We created the Nozomi Gift Set to help you remind the girl in your life of how extraordinary she is. The mirror is enrobed in 24-karat gold, with the TATCHA logo emblazoned on the back. You may not know this, but our logo, or obidome, represents the quiet strength and beauty of a single standing flower. Each kit also provides one day of school for an extraordinary student in Room to Read’s Girls’ Education program to help them achieve their dreams.

My hope is that when a girl looks in this mirror, she sees her inner brilliance and feels entranced by the magic of being a girl. Perhaps you should take a peek, as well — we can all use a little reminder.



Learn more about our NOZOMI Kit here

Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

published February 2014

Room to Read, Travel
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