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Six Secrets for Picture Perfection

Six Secrets for Picture Perfection

Weddings, like other joyous events, bring out an inner glow whether you’re the bride, groom or guest. To make sure you look as radiant as you feel, my dear friend and celebrity makeup artist Matthew Vanleeuwen suggests keeping things simple on the Big Day:

  • Stay within your own look. Too much experimentation or trying something very new is risky on the big day. Give your look a little boost, but nothing overly dramatic so you still look like you.
  • Less is more. One way to approach wedding-day makeup is to use a cream or powder bronzer to add some glow to your complexion. This helps give a healthy look (especially in a white dress) without having to go into the sun.
  • Use a hydrating mist around the face and along the sides rather than directly to the middle of the face. Your skin will stay glowing, but you won’t have shine where you don’t want it.

For looking your best in photos, smile and enjoy every moment because that is what counts the most. Too much stress can affect your posture and bring tension to the facial muscles, which can result in stiff or forced-looking pictures. Here are three tips that will help you relax and be confident knowing you’ll be petal-fresh and picture perfect all day long:

  • Carry beauty papers to effortlessly wick away excess shine. It’s likely you’ll be wearing makeup to an important event like a wedding, so blotting sheets are a wonderful way to keep skin glowing without having to add powder.
  •  Apply a makeup primer to keep cosmetics in place and the pigments true to their color.
  • Wear eye makeup with a satin or matte finish. Neutral, matte colors photograph more naturally. If you’d like more dimension, a satin finish gives a subtle shine that photographs well.

Most of all, relish the warmth of goodwill that comes from being surrounded by family and friends. The most beautiful moments are the spontaneous, sincere gestures of love.

Do you have any favorite tips from your own wedding, or a friend’s? As always, we would love to hear your beauty secrets, too!


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Published July 1, 2015
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