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Spring Cleaning: A Time to Begin Anew

Spring Cleaning: A Time to Begin Anew

Greetings from Kyoto! I am here visiting with my muse and teacher, Kyoka-san and the plum blossoms are in full bloom. It truly feels as if spring has arrived, which makes me think of clearing away the old and beginning anew. For me, a fresh start begins with your skin.

Coming out of winter, we tend to have dry, flaky skin from the weather, taking cold medicine and generous visits to the coffee pot and wine bottles – all of which leave us dehydrated. Spring is a perfect time to clean the mind, body and house alike.

1. The surest way to getting petal soft skin is exfoliation. To understand why, consider our friend the tree which grows from the inside out, like our skin. Saplings, like babies, start out in life creamy colored and smooth to the touch. Over the years, that same tree is covered in dried, dead bark – the result of exposure to the elements. Likewise, as we get older, the rate at which you shed skin cells slows, allowing dead skin to build at the surface. Exfoliating regularly ensures that debris is cleared away to reveal the beautiful skin beneath. For baby soft skin everywhere, I also love to use Rice Enzyme Powder in the shower on trouble spots, like the back of the arms, elbows and knees.

2.  Hydration will help keep that newfound glow. Replenish the water reservoir in the skin by staying hydrated. A hydrating mask is also a quick fix, especially if winter has left you with chapped cheeks. After you use masks, seal in the moisture with anything that contains an oil (creams, an emollient serum or a treatment oil).

3.  Spring cleaning the dressing table makes me feel like a new person too. If you have any skincare older than six months or makeup older than a year, throw it away and revel in your beautiful, clutter free counter.

If you have any spring cleaning tips, I'd love to hear them. My office and kitchen thank you for any tips you can share. ;-)


P.S. If you're planning to visit the plum blossoms in Kyoto, be sure to bring your allergy medicine.

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Victoria Tsai
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Published March 22, 2013
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