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Gifts That Are Crafted for Connection

Gifts That Are Crafted for Connection

Dear Friend,

One of my favorite people to travel to Kyoto with, Nami, once described a memory that has stuck with me ever since. In the memory, she finds herself staring into the front window of a workshop, simultaneously deeply soothed and yet breathless with exhilaration. Behind the glass, a focused woodworker deftly connects thin strips of wood — all without touching a single nail. As he patiently continues in his endeavor, a charming scene takes shape beneath his fingertips. The finished product, a sturdy screen with an intricate wooden pattern and no metal fastenings, is unlike anything she’s ever seen.

Ever since hearing this story, the precise Japanese art form of kumiko woodworking always serves to remind me about the blessings of family and friends. Just as a seasoned kumiko artisan delicately tucks pieces of wood together to build something held together by the strength of its internal links, our emotional bonds with loved ones keep us connected. It’s this idea that served to inspire Tatcha’s “Treasure Togetherness” holiday collection.

To celebrate the special bond between gift-giver and receiver, the Treasure Togetherness collection is filled with treasures that are crafted for connection. Each giftable set in the collection is adorned with a pattern that pays homage to kumiko; when laid out together, the nine different boxes even align to form one gorgeous, continuous design.

If you choose to give the gift of Tatcha this holiday season, I hope that our treasures will help you deepen your own connections with loved ones. I’m so honored to care for your skin, and am thrilled to begin the same journey with special people in your life. Wishing you a warm, joyful holiday season.


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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published November 23, 2018
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