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9 Clever Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your Lipstick

9 Clever Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your Lipstick

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At Tatcha, we’ve always believed that our iconic lip colors are more than just lipsticks — each shade is inspired by a place or time that has deeply changed us. We’re delighted to turn each lipstick into an treasure that’s worthy of your lips through authentic Japanese craftsmanship, and these pieces of wearable art are extremely versatile. We see the lips as the jewel of the face, and we’re always discovering new ways to accentuate them with special lipstick application tricks. Ahead, explore a range of tips collected from Tatcha’s family to learn how you can get the most out of your lipsticks.

  1. Prime your lips before application
    Did you know that Tatcha’s bestselling The Silk Canvas protective primer can be used on your lips, too? Apply a whisper-thin layer of the priming balm to your pout before lipstick for a more vivid color and longer wear.
  2. For a natural flush, use your lipstick as blush
    The new, limited-edition Magnolia Bloom Silk Lipstick makes for a pretty color when lightly blended into the apples of your cheeks. When using this tip, stick to lipstick shades in the pink and purple families for a universally flattering blush: Magnolia Bloom, Cherry Blossom, Plum Blossom, and Beautyberry. (If you’re looking for more of a sheer tint, our Beautyberry lip balm also works beautifully as a light blush.) 
  3. Mix colors to create your own unique shade
    While each of the iconic Tatcha lipstick colors are stunning on their own, they also play well together when layered to create new hues. Company founder Victoria Tsai is a master of this tip; she loves to combine Plum Blossom and Kyoto Red to create her own signature shade.
  4. Always pamper your lips after a day of lipstick
    While each Tatcha lipstick is formulated with pure ingredients to nourish lips, it’s always encouraged to pamper your lips with a special treatment after a long day. Our fan-favorite Camellia Goldspun Lip Balm uses pure camellia oil to gently restores lips to a soft, touchable state — all with a shimmering hint of real 23-karat gold.
  5. Don’t waste purse space with a full-size lipstick
    We know that when it comes to purses, real estate is limited. Help keep your bag tidy by carrying a petite version of your favorite Tatcha lipstick shade with you throughout the day instead of toting your full-size treasure out into the world. 
  6. Use the angular facets to precisely line your lips
    Each full-size Tatcha lipstick is fashioned into a diamond-like shape, making it easy to apply in clean lines without lip liner. Take advantage of this feature to create a clean edge around your lips.
  7. Blend with your finger to create new lip looks
    If you want to experiment with challenging the aforementioned clean lines, use your finger to smudge your favorite lipstick into a blurred, dreamy look. Popsicle lips are a popular look in the beauty world, and you can achieve them by applying Tatcha lipstick at the center of your mouth and lightly blending outward with your pinky.
  8. Know the power of the dual-tone “lip contour”
    To help lips appear extra plump and pouty, use a darker lipstick shade on the edges of your lips and a lighter hue in the center. For example, try Plum Blossom around the edges of your lips with a kiss of Cherry Blossom in the center of your upper and lower lips to impart a full, kissable look.
  9. Use blotting paper between applications for extra staying power
    If you’re hoping to help your lipstick last all day, try using a blotting sheet (like our original treasure, Tatcha’s gold-flecked Aburatorigami) between applications of lipstick. This helps remove any excess oils from the lips so that the next application adheres better, imparting even more staying power to your favorite lipstick look.

Wishing you a wonderful day,
The Tatcha Family


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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published November 14, 2018
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