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Blooming With Inspiration: The Story Behind a Lipstick

Blooming With Inspiration: The Story Behind a Lipstick

Dear friend,

The magnolia is one of the most symbolically rich flowers in hanakotoba, the Japanese language of flowers. This depth of meaning — in addition, of course, to the flower’s elegant beauty — is precisely what spurred us to create a new lipstick inspired by the magnolia.

Seasonal joy

After the grey winter in the mountains of Japan, magnolia blossoms are welcomed as one of the first signs of spring. With petals like delicate rabbit ears popping out from beneath the snow, the Japanese magnolia, or kobushi, is an unexpected color of delight that brings forth the joy of the season.

Love of nature

In hanakotoba, the magnolia signifies a love of nature. It is said that each petal in a magnolia blossom appears to sing, rejoicing in the season. But the radiant flower’s associations extend far beyond intoxicating beauty of the natural world...


In ancient China, which greatly influenced Japanese culture, the magnolia was representative of the “yin,” or life’s feminine energy. This idea of the magnolia as symbolic of beauty, womanhood, and grace has persisted through the ages, and eventually carried over into Japan.


As it blooms from a tree that can survive for more than a century despite harsh weather conditions, the magnolia is a testament to endurance, strength, and adaptability. While many delicate flowers might cower from the cold winds or mountain climates, the magnolia persists, blossoming elegantly even when surrounded by unpleasantness. And when the magnolia’s bloom has ended, it doesn’t shrivel away — it sheds its gorgeous petals, coating the world around it with beauty.

We see these same inspiring characteristics reflected in you, Tatcha’s client friends. Every single day, we interact with women who demonstrate their resilience, joy, and grace… you motivate us to do and be better. When concepting the lipstick shade that would eventually become Magnolia Bloom, we strove to encapsulate each of the flower’s powerful meanings in a way that would do justice to your strength, femininity, and beauty.

What resulted is a rich, rosy hue that transcends seasons and is stunning on every skin tone. Just as the magnolia’s meaning rises above one single message, the artfully crafted Magnolia Bloom Silk Lipstick is suitable for any occasion — and we’re honored to share it with you. Thank you for inspiring us to create this gorgeous treasure. We can’t wait to see how your smiles bring it to life.

Wishing you beauty and joy in every season,

The Tatcha Family

Published February 3, 2019
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