Makeup artist Daniel Martin and stylist Emily Barnes are not only New York Fashion Week pros, they are my go-to team for all things glamorous and chic. They never judge me for dressing like a scientist, their creativity and passion always inspire me and best of all, I love learning from their gentle nudges about experimenting with self-expression -- which is why it was especially wonderful to see them both in action at the recent Spring 2014 runway shows.

What struck me more than any sweep of a blush brush or clasp of jewelry was just how strongly their personal convictions come through their work. Although they are part of an industry obsessed with change, their principles are not driven by trends.

Here are a few Fashion Week insider tips they shared with me in cab rides between events:

• For the dewy, ethereal-looking skin that Daniel created for the Chadwick Bell runway show, Daniel -- who counts many of New York's IT girls like Chloe Sevigny and Veronica Webb among his clientele -- “used three steps (LUMINOUS Dewy Skin Mist, AGELESS Renewal Eye cream and SUPPLE Moisture Rich Silk Cream).”

• On the style front, happily for me, “This season is all about the 90s, a lot of refined simplicity with palettes of grays, navies and pastels,” according to Emily, who has styled major shoots for Vogue, Vanity Fair and celebrity clients like the Rolling Stones.

• To look her best when working long NYFW days, Emily turns to “Berroca [effervescent vitamin tablets], a good glass of wine and TATCHA, TATCHA, TATCHA! I use the masks lot, I put the serum on morning and night and I use the dewy mist during the day because I don’t wear makeup. At night, I actually put the camellia oil on the back of my hands while I go to sleep; it’s so luxurious."

The fashion crowd has moved on to London for another round of shows before trekking to Milan and Paris, but I'm headed back to Japan soon to research more treasures, ones that may soon be as iconic as some of the beautiful clothes on the world’s runways. My hope is that wherever you are, you are feeling beautiful.



Learn more about Daniel and Emily's backstage faves here.

Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

published September 2013

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Photo 1: At left, model gets prepped with TATCHA at the Chadwick Bell fashion show. Above, stylist Emily Barnes, far right, with Caroline Kornreich and Novis designer Jordana Warmflash, center.

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