Exploring new wonderful places and discovering hidden treasures is without a doubt the greatest joy of my career, but the act of traveling has never been an easy one for me.

Today, as I find myself half way through 5 weeks of travel yet again, I thought I’d share some of the wisdom I have gleaned to make travels as serene as possible. I hope you find them helpful as you embark on your own summer adventures.

Packing & Prepping
To avoid forgetting my beauty must-have’s, I like to keep a second set of makeup and travel-size skincare packed and ready to go. During last-minute packing frenzy, knowing that this is taken care of makes the trip that much simpler.

To save my back as I run back and forth through the airports, I love a hard cased suitcase with 360 wheels. My favorite is Tumi’s.

To prepare for the inevitable urge to splurge, I alert my credit card company that I am traveling and have my bank prepare local currency for me.

To avoid the time-consuming security lines, I love my ClearCard because it allows me to soar through.

To make the flight comfy cozy, I bring bring a bag of my own amenities: a pillow, blanket and inflatable foot rest make resting much easier.

To stay entertained, I bring an iPad with a few documentaries on it in case I can’t sleep. I always learn something new.

To combat airplane face, that un-beautiful combination of dehydrated yet oily skin, I keep our Beauty Papers handy to wick away excess oil and then finish with our Luminous Dewy Skin Mist to re-hydrate.

Beauty rest – getting it, or at least faking it
To ensure I wake up fresh for new adventures, I keep a natural sleep aid called ReBloom at the top of my bag to help with time zone-hopping. Melatonin works well too.

To fake a good night’s rest when there’s no time for the real thing, I rely on Visine and our Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask to wake up my face.

Settling In
To make hotels feels a little more like home, I set up a few pictures of my daughter Alea – who usually sneaks a toy in my luggage to keep me company. I also like to have a few candles that remind me of home.

To unwind, I also try to get a post-flight massage to help work out the kinks of a 20-hour commute.

To savor the tastes of new locales, I check out expat blogs or Chowhound.com for tips an insider’s culinary experience.  I also love staying in hotels that truly reflect the local culture and history: a former duke’s castle in Normandy, cave hotels in Turkey, airy buras in Fiji. My favorite hotel in Japan is a riverside ryokan, a traditional Japanese-style inn approachable only by boat. It’s tranquility and authenticity transport you into timeless Japan, with all the modern comforts you can ask for.

Although there is no comfort quite like a relaxing weekend at home, the call of new destinations is too much to resist. I have learned over the years that the journey does not have to be a difficult one; hopefully these tips will help you discover the same.

I would love to hear some of your tried-and-true travel tips.  What are your secrets for making your travels joyful ones?




Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

published July 2013

Beauty Secrets, Travel
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