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The Five Hearts

The Five Hearts

On this day of love and affection, I am reminded of what the friends and family of Tatcha mean to me. The passion and stories you have shared are a humbling reminder of our reason for being. Each time you reach out to us, I am honored to hear from you. From a mother seeking a way to soothe her daughter’s skin, to women and men discovering a better daily ritual—each of your stories is a reflection of our incredible community. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making Tatcha a place where beautiful stories are not only told, but shared with us, too.

This day of love also reminds me of the wisdom from a wall hanging inside an okiya (geisha house) in Kyoto. Many of the houses post their guiding principles in a prominent position, but this one, which shows five ways a heart can be beautiful, still resonates powerfully. It reads:

The Five Hearts

  1. A gentle and obedient heart, to have the heart to say “yes”;
  2. An apologetic heart, to say “I’m sorry” and admit and reflect on mistakes;
  3. A modest heart, to honor others for their accomplishments;
  4. A volunteering heart, to say “I will do it” without the thought of benefit;
  5. An appreciative heart, to say “Thank you.”

Beauty begins in the heart and mind—and you are an embodiment of this truth.



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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published February 13, 2015
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