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The Heart of Back to School

The Heart of Back to School

To me, “back to school” season has always represented a fresh start. As Alea enters first grade, I think of parents, students and teachers around the world readying their school supplies and lessons. It makes my heart swell to imagine their eagerness and excitement.

Education is one of the most powerful gifts that my mother gave me, and that I can pass down to Alea. That is why I am honored to announce that thanks to you, together we have funded 737,000 days of school for incredible girls through our partnership with Room to Read.

Our Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures partnership has given the work that we do at Tatcha even more meaning. When I first visited some of Room to Read’s young students in Cambodia, I was inspired by the meaningful change that education can have on a girl's life though things like life skills, a caring mentor and even a bickycle to get to school. I was touched by the students’ curiosity, and their eagerness to learn and give back to their communities.

Alea accompanied me on my second trip to visit the students. Even at her young age, it had a profound effect on her and opened her mind. There are days she wakes up, and her first thought is of the girls that we met. Do they have enough books? Are they in school today?

As Tatcha grows, Alea often reminds of me the importance of the work we do. Work takes me away from home more often than I would like, but she always tells me that I need to work hard to help her friends in Cambodia go to school. She reminds me that their lives will be different because of what we are doing together.

Our partnership with Room to Read motivates me to work harder and with more heart every day. Finding out that we have helped make possible over 2,000 years of education lends perspective to not only our work, but life.

I am so grateful for your continued support in empowering beautiful minds and enabling brighter futures.


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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published August 31, 2016
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