Just the fact that Japan has an official "Festival of Happiness" brings me joy. Also known as National Chrysanthemum Day, the tradition began more than 2,000 years ago when the Imperial Family set aside a day to view elaborate arrangements of the autumnal blooms symbolizing longevity and health.

Long ago, geisha and others marked the occasion by placing silk or cotton on the flowers to collect the fragrant morning dew, which was then delicately applied to their faces to preserve youth and vitality.

Today few people observe, or even know about, the holiday which is recognized on the ninth day of the ninth month because the date sounds similar to the Japanese phrase for “enduring peace.” This year, I plan to drop a chrysanthemum petal into my wine glass, as so many did in centuries past believing it would bring a long and healthy life. 

Even though I know true happiness cannot be suddenly found or achieved on a certain day, I do believe it can be chosen as a way of life.  Focusing my energy positively instead of pessimistically  is not easy, or even possible, sometimes – but the effort has made a difference over the years.  When I come across a quotation I find particularly moving, I save it for the times I need a boost. If you have a favorite saying, please share it in the comments below, or on our facebook page.



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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

published September 2013

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