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The Road to INDIGO

The Road to INDIGO

One of the most exciting parts of the TATCHA journey for me has been literally around the world seeking new and better ways to care for skin. The increasing number of trips did have one downside, however – increasingly dry and irritated skin from long flights, changing temperatures and long-time effects of living with sensitized skin from acute dermatitis (which was the impetus to create the TATCHA collection).

Despite being prescribed tubs and tubes of steroids, the itching and cracking on my hands and arms persisted. So when I came across a reference to natural indigo’s ability to relieve irritation and inflammation, I was instantly fascinated.

Turning again to the pages of the ancient Japanese beauty book we use for inspiration, I found it mentioned even there. After more research, I found even more information about the plant’s powerful healing properties. But when I began searching for skin care made with indigo, the only option I found was a blue-and-white soap created by a small family farm in Tokushima, Japan. I was hooked on the idea of the healing botanical, and spoke with our formulators and chemists in Japan. They agreed to experiment with it, but warned me that formulating with indigo would be difficult. I would have to wait to see how it turned out …




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Victoria Tsai
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Published January 5, 2014
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