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Less Is More Skincare

Less Is More Skincare

One of my favorite books right now is by a lovely woman named Marie Kondo, called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing”. In it, the author offers practical steps to mindfully purge, clean and organize your treasures. I appreciated the straightforward advice of the KonMari Method, but particularly loved the philosophies behind it. The Japanese minimalism and serenity that informs her method also inspires our team at Tatcha every day.

Less is more—Like Ms. Kondo, the geisha have long believed that less is more. Even with their elaborate performance makeup, a geisha’s skincare routine is no more than three steps: melt away her makeup, polish, and nourish skin. Their ingredients follow the same philosophy—a streamlined formula of active ingredients, minimally manipulated to their most efficacious form. Whether it’s oil from a camellia flower, steamed wild rose or brewed green tea, each ingredient and its benefits serves a purpose.

Timeless rituals—In the same way that a decluttered, serene space is deeply rooted in Zen Buddhism, our collection draws on the wisdom of the past. Japanese skincare has been refined and passed down through generations, but many of the ingredients and rituals have proven themselves time and time again. The benefits of beloved ingredients like Green Tea, Rice and Algae have been confirmed by modern skincare scientists, reminding us that we can only illuminate what the geisha learned long ago.

Listen to your body—A particularly beautiful piece of advice from Ms. Kondo’s book tells us to hold an item and ask ourselves if it sparks joy. Instead of attempting to use logic to justify the item (it was on sale, I might use it next year), we instead must listen to our body and how it responds. Similarly, the Japanese approach to skincare asks us to be deeply in touch with our bodies. Because skin is your body’s largest organ, it is reflective of your health as a whole. In Japan, instead of reaching for a cover-up for a pimple or a heavy cream for dry skin, they consider their stress level, diet and quality of sleep. This holistic view of skin means that their rituals are created to work with the skin and not against it, keeping it purified, polished and nourished to help address other issues in the long term.

Our newest discovery, The Essence, is a modern evolution of the Japanese skincare philosophy. The formula is powerful but pure, comprised of 98.7% anti-aging superfoods: Green Tea, Rice and Algae. These are fermented into a superfluid to increase cell turnover and resurface skin for a smooth luster. The timeless ingredients are drawn from the wisdom of the past and perfected by modern scientists. The water-light formula instantly doubles the hydration of skin above and beyond a moisturizer alone, to soften and plump lines and wrinkles. Skin channels are left flushed with lasting hydration, delivering treatments more deeply and making all skincare more effective.

I continue to be inspired by these beautiful philosophies, whether in my home, my work or my skincare. I hope you enjoy this treasured addition to your skincare ritual.


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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published December 27, 2016
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