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Turning Over a New T Leaf

Turning Over a New T Leaf

Welcome to the Tatcha T House, our new blog and virtual gathering spot for sharing our adventures and discoveries about living more simply, beautifully and in the moment.

The name reflects a love of the many tea houses, or ocha-ya, hosted by geisha in Kyoto. From the very first time I parted the curtains and stepped inside, I instantly felt at ease and welcomed as if I were a longtime friend.


“... a world away from whirlwind of daily life where we can share inspirations of all kinds.”


Since then, my geisha friends have taught me many things, but their ease and ability to create a timeless atmosphere of special, shared moments has left the most lasting impression.


This is perhaps most apparent in the choreographed steps taken to brew, serve, and enjoy tea as part of a formal ceremony. Yet even without elaborate presentations, once one steps inside the tea house, burdens are instinctively left behind, replaced with the simple joys of camaraderie and conversation. Sharing stories and perspectives on travel, art and other fascinating subjects is at once exhilarating and calming, a constant source of intellectual and emotional renewal.

Creating Tatcha has been a way for me to share the treasures I find along my journeys. While many of my discoveries are about beauty rituals from long ago, just as often they are people, places and things that inspire me to see things in a new and different way. It’s become about so much more than just skin care, it's a way of life. My hope is that this blog will become a community, a world away from whirlwind of daily life where we can all share inspirations of all kinds.

The new logo, with the letter T intersecting with the letter H and surrounded by a circle, was designed to represent this special place. I hope you visit often, and that you enjoy the updated designs and upcoming features about the people, places and perspectives that speak to all of us at Tatcha. Most of all, I look forward to listening to your stories, which continue to be the heart of Tatcha and the T House. 


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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published June 26, 2015
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