A beloved medicinal plant in the royal palace during Japan’s Nara period (710-784 A.D.), the Loquat leaves were known as “healing fans.” These leaves soon became a popular beauty ingredient in Japan, used in many at-home remedies for dry or irritated skin. The plant is also prized for its small, tangy, orange-fleshed fruits.


Research has shown that Loquat tree leaves contain actives that reduce skin inflammation when applied topically. The leaves have been shown to soothe edema and swelling from an allergic reaction.


Loquat leaves were a popular medicinal treatment for at least 3,000 years, with its first recorded use in India. In Japan’s Nara period, the royal family founded a healthcare facility that relied heavily on this healing botanical.


Our Loquat leaves come from Japan, where they thrive in subtropical climates.

Did you Know?

Japan is the leading producer of Loquats worldwide, and there are 46 varietals of Japanese origin alone.