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When brewing their fabled drink, sake masters, or Toji, constantly immerse their hands in rice bran, only to have them emerge fresh, pure, cherubic. Geisha noticed this phenomenon and rely on rice bran even today to polish their skin to a luster.

The secret? Japanese Rice Bran (Komenuka), prized for its skin soothing and smoothing enzymes and gamma oryzonal, a potent anti-oxidant against UV-induced oxidative damage.

This same Komenuka is at the heart of all TATCHA POLISHED Rice Enzyme Powders. 

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Customer Reviews

  • I’m a believer

    So I have maturing skin that well...I didnt care of like I should have. But the past few years I was searching for the perfect skin regimen for me. Something that didn’t breakout my skin after using. Something that smoothed out lines, cleaned my skin, minimized pores, have a glow. Well, this powder (along with Tatcha cleansing oil) is the best!! Everything I wanted and everything my skin needed. Trust me. I’m picky, very hard to please regarding skincare (since some cost a pretty penny). But again, this is the best ever. Thank you Tatcha!!
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  • The Best Face Exfoliator on the Market!

    The classic rice enzyme powder is unlike any exfoliator I've tried before. It's gentle enough to be used daily but also effectively removes dead dull skin and leaves your face feeling like pure silk! I could not believe how soft my face felt once I'd rinsed this off. You only need a small amount and this will polish your face to perfection! Trust me you're gonna love it!!
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  • Main Staple Product

    I like this exfoliator so much. I use it 2, sometimes 3, times a week in conjunction with another brand of peel pads that provide exfoliation and a retinol treatment in one, and my skin has gotten into better condition. I trust it to gently remove the outer, dead skin and provide that polish and lustre Vicky mentions in her presentations on QVC. BTW, can I tell you just how much I enjoy tuning into the presentations Vicky does to represent her/this brand and all of its incredible products!? Anyway, getting back to the matter at hand: this is a main staple product that I proudly keep and present on my bathroom counter. I love that it's gentle and effective and effortlessly incorporates into my skincare routine. One full-size container lasts me half a year. I foresee investing in this product for many years to come.
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  • The only exfoliator I use now!

    I purchased the Beauty Essential Discovery Set a while back. I was a bit hesitant at first because of the price, but I really wanted to pamper myself with something nice. I got hooked on this gentle exfoliator though, it's gentle yet strong enough to deep clean your face. It literally feels squeaky clean after I use it. I just purchased the full size and it's well worth the price. Didn't hesitate to press that purchase button. Worth every penny. Thanks Tatcha!!
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  • Smooth!

    I have been using this amazing exfoliation powder for about two months and it is the only one I will now use. It is gentle and effective. To my mind, using this daily just works better than using harsher products that are used intermittently. I don't like to spend too much time on skincare but this is such a soothing ritual to use that it has fit effortlessly into my daily routine. Love it!
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