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When brewing their fabled drink, sake masters, or Toji, constantly immerse their hands in rice bran, only to have them emerge fresh, pure, cherubic. Geisha noticed this phenomenon and rely on rice bran even today to polish their skin to a luster.

The secret? Japanese Rice Bran (Komenuka), prized for its skin soothing and smoothing enzymes and gamma oryzonal, a potent anti-oxidant against UV-induced oxidative damage.

This same Komenuka is at the heart of all TATCHA POLISHED Rice Enzyme Powders. 

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Customer Reviews

  • Works For Acne

    My experience and what it has done for acne...First off I'm and adult with breakouts off and on a regular basis get pimples around the chin area. There are times when I do get a pimple on my forehead or cheek, don't know where it just comes from because I do a great job of taking care of my skin. I've tried everything for acne even systems people haven't even heard of. I've been using the Tatcha skincare for several months and like the products very much. I've tried the classic and gentle exfoliating polishing enzymes. Recently I found out that the deep has a ingredient that helps with oily skin/blemish prone. I can say the deep is more intense and if you have breakouts don't try to rub or scrub away but in a gentle motion. The trick that did it for me, I pour out the powder and mix it into a paste, didn't make it thick but medium loose paste. I used a clean fan brush and polished it onto my skin, it appears light faded green when wet. After five minutes, it turns light green whitish, looks like a clay mask. I do not scrub at all but rinse it off. Within two days the pimples, around my chin swell down and the tiny new ones went away. Since then I don't feel like there is any new ones forming as before I can feel if there is a pimple forming or coming on. To break it down, I use it as a mask twice a week and every morning to exfoliate. Tatcha does not inform us to use this as a mask but I tried it out and it worked for me. I have put the benzoyl peroxide, sulfar, tretinoin containing ingredients away. This is a very huge claim to make but I do use this line religiously and have also stop trying to squeeze any acne. So far I have no more new acne and also use the enriching cream, cleansing oil, beauty oil and my acne scars have faded at least 40% and I hope to see more. Of course you may be thinking oil will break you out, me too but not these oils they have helped me to be less oiler and my pores are smaller and appear cleaner. I will tell you that the deep exfoliates much more(intense). I did flake and and did see tiny skin exfoliating around my mouth and nose. By continuing to use it every morning, after one week my skin is fresh and I see no more shedding. To be honest, I don't wear anymore foundation but a translucent powder to help with shine on my face. I couldn't keep this secret to myself so I had to share just in case someone has the same issue and is looking try something different. What may work for me may not work for you but if you have acne don't squeeze any pimples and try this. I find the acne will start to slow down after using this enzyme. Thank you Tatcha, you have save my skin from further scarring and breakouts.
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  • Fabulous for sensitive skin

    I purchased the cleansing oil and rice enzyme powder. To say the least both of the products are exactly what I expected and more. Not only is my face very soft but these products are perfect for sensitive skin. I have skin issues of rosacea and eczema. Both have cleared up tremendously.

    Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I'm purchasing the sample kit to see how some of the other items work for me. If all is well I will be purchasing the entire kit as a Christmas present for myself.

    Thank you so much Tatcha!
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  • Magic Powder

    This stuff is magic. It polishes your skin, but is not harsh. Skin is refined and pores appear less noticeable. I am using less foundation and concealer since using Tatcha cleansing oil and the powder. I started with the classic powder, but am also purchasing the gentle for am use and the deep to switch off with the classic for pm use depending on climate changes and state of skin.
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  • Love....Love....Love Tatcha Products

    I have been using Tatcha products going on 3 months....I had two brown spots on my face and they are FADING!!!!! The cleansing oil and the enzyme powder are the two products I do not want to be without EVER!!!! My face in my opinion looks pretty amazing! Thank you are my hero!!!!!!!
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  • Super in Simplicity!

    About ten years ago I stopped using abrasive exfoliators, cause they did more harm than good to my skin.
    It is a pleasure to have discovered this TATCHA product, works very well, leaves skin baby soft and feels as if no harm is done, only good.
    Furthermore, I do love the packaging, simplicity is beauty, for me.
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