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Customer Reviews

  • What I've been looking for

    I have struggled with acne and blackheads my entire life. I have tried numerous products and nothing has given me the results they promised except for Tatcha. I love this exfoliating powder and my face feels fresh and clean every time without being dry. From the first use I saw an immediate change in texture, clarity , and redness. Now after using this for almost 90 days now I have seen a HUGE difference in texture of my skin and breakouts. My blackheads have diminished significantly and if I am about to get a pimple it is significantly reduced the next day and gone in 24 hours. I have also always struggled with too many steps in a routine and not wanting to go through the hassle of the cleansing routine. The Tatcha cleansing ritual is so easy to use that I look forward to it every night and morning. I am truly amazed and will NEVER use anything else again. Thank you Tatcha!!!
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  • I Love this.

    I normally use the Classic one but every few days for a deeper exfoliation, I use this and love it.
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  • I Like the classic better

    I have combination to oily skin. Compare to the classic one, this deep polish removes excess oil better, but in my opinion it doesn't exfoliate and condition like the classic one. The texture is more smooth and fine than the classic.
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  • This is so drying

    Ladies, that tight feeling you're getting from these powders is not firmness of your skin. It is actually dehydration. The pH on this is way too high for your acidic skin. All this managed to do was dry my skin out which caused me to use more emollient moisturizers which weren't enough to soothe the skin and only caused more issues. I even tried the classic formulation and that did the same thing.
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  • Squeaky clean

    This is DELICIOUS! Once lathered, the powder turns into a creamy texture. You can feel the enzymes working their magic in your pores within seconds. This is non-irritating and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and ready to absorb my tatcha moisturiser. I love this product. I have tried many (many) exfoliators and this is by far my favourite!
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