Tatcha Deep Rice Enzyme Powder Exfoliant

Deep Rice Enzyme Powder - for Oily Skin | How To Use

Deep Rice Enzyme Powder - for Oily Skin

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When brewing their fabled drink, sake masters, or Toji, constantly immerse their hands in rice bran, only to have them emerge fresh, pure, cherubic. Geisha noticed this phenomenon and rely on rice bran even today to polish their skin to a luster.

The secret? Japanese Rice Bran (Komenuka), prized for its skin soothing and smoothing enzymes and gamma oryzonal, a potent anti-oxidant against UV-induced oxidative damage.

This same Komenuka is at the heart of all TATCHA POLISHED Rice Enzyme Powders. 

  • Tatcha Featured Press


    “Eastern Promise: Ancient beauty secrets of the geisha”

    "What would you do if you heard about a 200-year-old book from Japan, the oldest of its kind, said to contain never-before-seen details of the heavily guarded beauty rituals of the geisha?"

  • Vogue Brazil

    “Exfoliating Powder from TATCHA”

    "TATCHA's Rice Enzyme Powder works like magic to make my skin clean and smooth."

  • NYC

    The Cut

    “The most-gentle scrubs for radiant skin”

    "Tatcha's Deep Rice Enzyme Powder employs the help of rice bran, green tea and algae to clear blocked pores."

  • TZR


    “Smooth Operator”

    "Innovative in more ways than one, just sprinkle this cutting-edge wonder into wet hands and watch as it transforms from a feather-weight powder to a cream cleanser right before your eyes. Made from a gentle blend of enzyme-filled rice bran and papaya extract, our latest TATCHA love leaves us looking enviably smooth. Give yourself one silky-soft polish and we know you'll be sold on the gorgeous results!"

  • BNY

    Barneys New York

    “Rice Enzyme Powders”

    "Instantly reveal smooth skin."

  • BNY

    Barneys New York

    “Beauty Wars: East Coast vs. West Coast”

    "Gently slough away dead skin with [TATCHA's] rice enzyme powder in three textures."

How do I use this product?
Begin with very wet hands. Dispense about a half-teaspoon and rub to create a creamy paste. Massage onto face for up to 1 minute avoiding eye area. We recommend beginning with 10-15 seconds before working up to a minute. Rinse and revel in your soft, smooth skin.

What step in my skin care ritual is the Polishing Powder? 
Use of the polishing powder is the 2nd step in your TATCHA ritual. For best results, use after removing makeup with the Camellia Cleansing Oil, then followed with the Deep Brightening serum and a Tatcha moisturizer.

When should I use this product?
The enzyme powders are gentle enough for everyday use (or even twice daily use morning and night).

Can I use this as a cleanser?
Yes, if you are not wearing makeup or if you’ve already removed makeup, this product can act as a 2-in-1 cleanser, both cleansing and gently exfoliating the skin at the same time.

Why is it in powder form?
The formula is actually water-activated so it’s important to keep it in a dry form before use. Upon pouring the powder into wet hands and adding water, it turns into a creamy lather that can be massaged into the face with highly efficacious cleansing, exfoliating and conditioning results.  

Is it okay to exfoliate everyday?
Unlike conventional Western exfoliants, which are often too harsh and stripping for everyday use, TATCHA’s Rice Enzyme Powders are specifically formulated to be used everyday and won’t strip the skin. This is one of the key differences in the approach of traditional Japanese skincare and Western skincare regimens.

Which Rice Enzyme Powder should I use? Can I mix and match?
Generally, the Gentle version is best for people with more sensitive and/or drier skin, Classic for normal/combination skin and Deep for more active skin. However, your skin needs can be different each day and from morning to night and using different versions can be beneficial at different times for the same person.

What is HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex?
At the heart of all TATCHA skincare essentials is a proprietary anti-aging complex of Green Tea, Okinawa Red Algae and Japanese Rice Bran extracts.  Together, these time-tested extracts work to keep skin looking pure, polished, luminous and supple.

Can I use this with Clarisonic?
Use of the Enzyme Powder satisfies all of your skin’s exfoliation needs. You should not need to use any additional exfoliating tools or products with our Polishing Powders.

Does each powder contain the same active ingredients?
All three powders are formulated with our proprietary HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex . In addition, the Gentle powder contains licorice extract to help soothe sensitive skin, the Classic powder, formulated for combination skin, contains conditioning pearl extract, and the deep powder contains dokudami, an anti-acne, anti-inflammatory extract to help with active skin.

Can I use this product around my eyes?
We do not recommend using the Enzyme Powders around your eyes.

  • Amazing

    Gorgeous packaging and even better stuff inside. Been using this for awhile. I must say its really amazing on my oily/sensitive skin. On the breakout prone areas, i leave it on longer and it has helped a lot. My breakouts have tamed down a lot and my skin is visibly clearer. Thank you Tatcha!
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  • Dokudami!

    Everyone - research dokudami. This ancient all natural ingredient worked even on my sometimes sensitive skin.
    Can use it on body too. It not only, cleansed & exfoliated it calmed the inflammation. I used it on my face, décolleté and tested it on dull skin on legs.
    Dokudami is antibacterial and calming.
    Please bring out more dokudami products!
    Hydrating mist for face & body, moisturizer and anything else u can think of.
    I thought I could only use Indigo or gentle (not so) I use all three in my routine.
    Perfect for young people because it's exfoliating & cleansing. The green color, the fact that it's a powder from Japan is sure to win them over. Thank you keeping it all simple.
    I can use this as it is calming on my skin!
    Since using Tatcha (this) + Dewey mist, your gold flecked oil, cleansing oil, indigo products & hydrating firming serum- I have not had any red bumps. My dermatologist, told me whatever your doing keep it up. For me this is a great multifaceted product.
    It works well with the Dewey mist, hydrating firming serum and indigo . I imagine most of these would work for other people, who have acne or similar conditions. I'm happy this has helped so many people. I get breakouts and have bumps that require the products I mentioned. I know those with acne need hydration too so maybe they can try some of the other products I mentioned. The Dewey mist is so handy & not heavy like a cream. May you all find beautiful skin!
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  • In Love/ Holy Grail

    I am so in love with this product! I have oily/acne prone skin and this exfoliator is so gentle and you don't really feel the exfoliation going on. It makes my skin so smooth and soft. I follow up with their Moisture Rich Silk Cream and this pair makes my skin look brighter, clearer, and smoother. I really only started noticing a difference in my skin on the third day of usage. I cannot wait to try their other products! This works wonders for my skin. The only complaint I have is the price. Although it is truly an amazing product, the powder goes away a bit fast. I wish the prices were a little more reasonable, maybe $10-$15 off their original price. I also think it's a little outrageous to pay $400-$600 for their sets (even though they are a few dollars discounted.) This skincare line would be brilliant and more delightful if they changed their prices a bit. Overall, this is really a great product. My new holy grail and obsession!
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