Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist
Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist

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Dewy Skin Mist

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For centuries, Japanese geisha have used the facial waters of plant extracts to nourish their exquisitely flawless complexions. Distilled from cherished botanicals, these facial waters would be applied with perfume misters for a refreshing boost of weightless hydration, creating an alluring glow.

  • Tatcha Featured Press

    Vogue China

    “Miss Mist”

    "Does not disturb makeup and is highly moisturizing, with a light soothing scent that calms and relaxes."

  • Tatcha Featured Press

    O: The Oprah Magazine

    “The story behind TATCHA skincare”

    "Rich in the emollient squalane, Luminous Dewy Skin Mist refreshed dull skin."

  • Tatcha Featured Press


    “Beating the Heat with Summer's Ten Best Hydrating Mists”

    "I love layering them on before foundation to prep the skin. In some cases, it's hydrating enough that I don't even need a separate moisturizer." adds Daniel Martin, celebrity makeup artist.

  • Tatcha Featured Press

    New York Times

    “A Quartet of New Spritzes for the Face”

    "The collection’s facial spray, which comes in a narrow lavender ombre bottle, has a pleasantly moist feel and contains green tea, Japanese rice bran, and red algae."

  • Tatcha Featured Press


    “About Face”

    "Maintain a pretty glow with pick-me-up spritzes of TATCHA Luminous Dewy Skin Mist"

  • Tatcha Featured Press


    “Fly Girls”

    "TATCHA Luminous Dewy Skin Mist protects skin from the moisture-zapping cabin air."

  • Tatcha Featured Press

    Harper's Bazaar

    “Seal in Intense Hydration with a Mask and a Mist”

    "Restore plummeting moisture levels with a moisturizing ritual"

  • Tatcha Featured Press


    “New Ways to Treat Yourself”

    "An insta-softener that turns skin into silk."

  • Tatcha Featured Press

    Coastal Living

    “Best Beauty Picks for the Beach”

    "Delivers hydration and antioxidants via Okinawan red algae, green tea, and rice bran extract."

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    California Style

    “Saving Face”

    "Reverse damage from summer sun with fall's magic potions"

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    Modern Luxury

    “Complexion Perfection”

    "TATCHA founder Victoria Tsai's timeline for wedding luminosity."

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    Daily Candy

    “Face Mists to Avoid a Meltdown”

    "We wish we could bathe in it every day."

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    New York Post

    “A Batch of New Skincare Products that Promise to Get the Wrinkles Out”

    "Warning: side effects might include getting mistaken for your daughter."

  • Tatcha Featured Press

    The Zoe Report

    “Too Darn Hot: Summer Beauty Savers”

    "When the sun becomes too scorching to bear, spritz yourself with this luminous, hydrating skin mist."

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    “7 Light Face Moisturizers for a Freakout-Free Summer”

    "...our favorite warm-weather moisturizers."

  • Tatcha Featured Press

    Into the Gloss

    “Tatcha's Luminous Dewy Skin Mist”

    "It's like air on your face!"

  • GenLux

    “My Beauty Picks for the Winter Season”

    "This luxurious skin mist from TATCHA was born from the heritage of the geisha's beauty ritual."

How do I use the LUMINOUS Dewy Skin Mist?
This delicate moisturizing mist can be used anytime day or night, before or after applying makeup. Hold 10-12 inches away from face, spritz 2-3 times and allow to absorb. If you overspray or it is very humid, use TATCHA Aburatorigami to pat away any excess.

How is the LUMINOUS Dewy Skin Mist different from hydrating mists?
Hydrating mists are usually a mixture of fragrance, water and alcohol. They feel cool and smell great when you spray them but the skin is actually drier in moments as the water and alcohol evaporate from the skin. Unlike conventional hydrating mists, TATCHA's LUMINOUS Dewy Skin Mist is a liquid moisturizer. Its delicate emulsion of Liquid Silk, Red Algae, Camellia Oil and potent moisturizing actives keep skin dewy and hydrated anytime, anywhere.

For whom is the LUMINOUS Dewy Skin Mist ideal? 
The LUMINOUS Dewy Skin Mist is ideal for those with dry or combination skin. It is also beneficial for those who live in dry climates, fly often, or are often exposed to air-conditioning or heaters, which can rob skin of essential moisture.

  • Best refresher

    I love this spray for my mid-day refresher. It gives light, non-greasy hydration with an overall glow! I especially can't live without it when I travel!! The only thing I would change is the spray pump applicator, to make the spray wider for a more even application.
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  • Magic

    I love this mist. I can not live without it! After I finish all of my make up, I spritz this all over. It makes me glow. My skin looks so luminous and dewy. In the winter I spray it on when my skin feels dry. It does not disrupt your make up.
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  • Too oily

    I have normal skin type, but it seems very oily on my face. I don't understand, should I use it before makeup or after. When I used it after applying makeup, it made my mascara melt. Not worth the price!!! The smell is also not pleasant . Wish I could return it.
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