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The precious Camellia was first discovered, thousands of years ago, by Japan's Oshima Island farm girls who applied the flower's extract to their skin and hair. The Ama (Japanese female free divers) evolved this ancient beauty secret, coating their bodies with Camellia Oil to protect their skin during frigid ocean dives. Centuries later, geisha began applying nutrient-rich Camellia Oil after bathing, a luxurious addition to their daily beauty ritual.

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Vogue China

“Golden Heat Wave”

"Soft and smooth, and lips are filled with moisture after use."

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Tatcha Featured Press

Vogue Portugal

“Beauty Editor's October Picks”

"Moisturizing balm for lips, with a gold leaf that dissolves on application"

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"I love gooooooold!"

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Marie Claire

“Beauty Field Guide”

"Inspired by centuries-old geisha beauty secrets."

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Customer Reviews

  • Succulent Surprize

    I ordered this a long time ago and just came across it in my box of many lip balms. Amazing results! I love the way my lips feel and will be ordering this again. Good job Tatcha!
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  • Just Ok Gold Balm

    Received my new gold lip Balm. Does not seem to be worth the price. Nice container but Balm does not last long in lips.
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  • Disappointed

    Gold! Cool! That's the only thing worth giving it a star about. Sure it moisturizes but for like 5 minutes max. This leaves my lips as dry as I first had before using the balm. I'm better off using the dollar store brand petroleum jelly that lasts me hours. I live for moisturized lips, i make sure to have chapstick everywhere I go because it drives me insane if they're dry. I was hoping this would help but it left me disappointed. Tatcha has good face oil though so good job.
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  • Lip balm

    I am a loyal Tatcha product user. This is the first item in the product line that I was not at all impressed with. It may be wonderful for others but for the cost and the effect (lack of) it is not something that I would recommend. They did accept this expression of dissatisfaction and fully refunded the cost. I continue to love and enjoy all of the other products.

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  • Truly the BEST!

    I've tried a range of lip balms and I've always had a problem with chapped lips all year round so its a constant issue for me! After just trying a small swab from Sephora (which was actually the new(?) version of this balm with scattered gold flakes) it immediately brought moisture to my lips and with a nice shine (not dramatically oily looking either!). I ended up purchasing this one but I think I'll go for the one in Sephora next since it is slightly cheaper and I like the scattered gold more than the current one here. Ran out of gold specks fast :(
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