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Customer Reviews

  • Repurchasing!

    I do like the Tatcha line. I am on my second bottle of this but I feel that it's not the most moisturizing as I have very dry skin. Although it's not, I am repurchasing it because I like how it makes my skin feel soft a few hours later. I have been using their line for months now and do notice a difference. My skin now has that natural glow and seems brighter.
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  • Obsessed!

    I am in love with this product! It soothes my skin and keeps it fresh and hydrated. I love waking up and feeling my skin after i've had this on all night. It's expensive, but totally worth it.
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  • Skin saver!

    I'm working with oily-combination skin, so I'm not necessarily the ideal candidate, but I decided to try The Silk Cream out as a nighttime moisturizer. For several weeks I've been waking up with softer, plumper, brighter skin, so it gets 5 stars for me for expected use. Today, though, it really shined: I had a disastrous experience with another brand's mask seriously dehydrating and irritating my skin, so much so that after three applications of The Essence as well as my regular Water Cream, my skin was still red, sore, and parched. Enter Silk Cream. This product relieved the pain immediately and in under an hour the damage to my face was undone, my skin was back to normal. I'll never be without this! Thank you Tatcha!!!
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  • Just cause breakouts

    I tried to use this for a long time because I did like the way it felt but all it ever did was break me out the very next day. Every time.
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  • Beautiful texture, superior hydration

    As a dermatology PA, I try several products almost monthly. This is my absolute favorite moisturizer of all time. The texture is exquisite and it hydrates effectively without feeling occlusive or heavy. Most importantly, the ingredient list is undeniably impressive. Since it is non-comedogenic most skin types will benefit from this. Will always love and recommend Tatcha to friends, family, and patients.
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