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"The cream is sure to make your skin as soft as the ribbon that adorns the bottle...”

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“...details of the heavily guarded beauty rituals of the geisha...”

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“"Best Moisturizer"”

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Customer Reviews

  • Gentle, Soft, & Silky

    If there was one word to describe this product it would by silky (probably why it's in the title of the product). Most moisturizers are a little too creamy for me, but unfortunately my skin gets pretty dry so I usually need those creamy type moisturizers, which end up either causing breakouts or giving me a grease slick.

    This moisturizer is PERFECT! It moisturizes my skin without it looking like I just oiled my face up & leaves my skin silky smooth.

    I would definitely recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin or for someone where the drug store moisturizer just doesn't cut it.
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  • does the trick

    This face lotion does the trick; softens without clogging pores or causing any oiliness later. Would love one that came with some SPF protection.
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  • Polishing Powders and Silk Cream

    I have been using the 4 step skin care for three weeks and absolutely LOVE it! My skin has never felt so luxurious after using the polishing powder~ The brightening serum and silk cream leave my skin so very soft....truly an amazing product with great results!
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