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Customer Reviews

  • Light and silky

    This came in the discovery kit I purchased. I really like how this moisturizer makes my skin feel, nice and soft. I think the texture is more lotion than gel but whatever, it works. It's just the right amount of moisture for my both very oily and very dry skin. You only need a very tiny amount to cover your entire face. So while it may seem expensive, I feel it's actually good value for a quality product.
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  • Nice Moisturizer

    I received a travel size sample of this cream when I purchased the discovery kit and out of all 4 products this is probably my least favorite but still not a bad cream for those that enjoy a gel-like texture.
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  • Can't do without silk cream

    This incredible silk cream has transformed my life. I've been using the previous Silk Cream since 2015 and it was incredible, I have to admit the new cream made me spectacle a bit but as a true skincare fan of Tatcha I tried and not only the same but the texture has improved and even better than the previous one. I do admit when a company change packaging you always thinks something gotta go or give, but I gotta tell ya the benefits and consistency stays and it's even better. Just touching it feels richer and more luxurious and putting on your skin feels even better. Could not recommend this cream more!!!!
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  • Pleeeeease bring back the other formulation

    I love Tatcha and was enjoying the best skin of my life with the other cream, the supple silk one they replaced with this. Unfortunately, this one clogged my pores within a couple days, and broke me out all over. :( Idon't know why they would replace a cream for combination skin with one meant for dry skin? Hoping hoping hoping they can bring back the old one. 2 stars because maybe this new one is great for a different skin type. I don't have dry skin, I can't judge.
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  • Simply a star

    The silky gel texture melts into skin like no other. The natural aroma is the icing on the cake.
    Ps. Packaging is exceptional
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