Elegant trays, or obon, are used in Japan for everything from formal tea ceremonies to everyday business transactions. This tray was created exclusively for Tatcha, covered in 22.5-karat gold leaf and featuring the Tatcha crest, a single flower, as a symbol of our heritage. Paired here with our One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil and The Silk Cream for supple skin, exquisitely displayed as the Obon Tray Trio.

Care and Handling: Wipe with soft cloth, do not immerse in water.

Obon Tray

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The Signature Craft of Kanazawa

The legacy of gold-leafing has deep roots in Japan, especially in Kanazawa, whch is also known as the ‘Marsh of Gold.’ Craftsmen there created this special tray for TATCHA, pounding the gold into a mere 10,000th of 1 millimeter for a beautiful, light-reflecting effect. Geisha long ago realized the uniquely illuminating powers of this precious metal, often using crushed gold leaf on their skin and lips for a sensual gleam.