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TATCHA beauty papers were originally created by gold craftsmen to protect the precious metal they hammered into whisper-thin leafing to enrobe the majestic pavilions of Imperial Japan. Their gold-leaf artistry transformed the supporting paper into aburatorigami, an incredibly soft, strong and absorbent leaflet ideal for removing excess oils from delicate skin. How our geisha discovered that this precious by-product of the artisan’s alchemy could help create a perfect canvas for her makeup and keep her skin petal-fresh throughout the night remains a mystery. But the benefits of her ancient beauty secret remain unsurpassed to this day.

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    "Seriously fab finds direct from the beauty director's desk. Handmade gold-flecked blotting papers will obliterate an oily T-zone."

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    O, The Oprah Magazine

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    “The Amazing Skin-Care Saviors We Swear By”

    "I now use these instead of reapplying powder when I feel oily."



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    "Once each actress steps out of her car and onto the red carpet...she's left to her own devices to maintain her bold lips, sharply shaded eyes, and flash-proof skin throughout the ceremony. For this, she relies on a carefully edited arsenal of products stashed in her gliterring clutch."

How do I use this product?
Gently pat with a single leaflet – do not rub or wipe. Begin with the T-zone and blot entire face. Both sides of the paper sheet can be used. Discard after use.

What step in my skincare ritual is this product?
Aburatorigami paper sheets can be used at any time.

Are the beauty papers only for people with oily skin?
No – many of our customers have drier or more mature skin. The papers are an excellent alternative to powder for keeping skin petal-fresh.

Will the gold flake transfer onto my skin?
No, the gold flake is transfer-resistant. Unless the paper is completely soaked in water, the gold flake will not come off.

How do you pronounce aburatorigami, and what does it mean?
Aburatorigami (ah-BOO-rah-tour-i-gah-mee) refers to the gold-leaf origin of the blotting papers. The literal translation is ‘oil papers’, referring to the absorbent quality of the leaf.

  • Oily skin saver

    Do you have oily skin? If the answer is yes, buy it!!!
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  • A Beauty Staple!!!

    These blotting papers not only take off excess oil while leaving my make up untouched, they're beautiful too! Living in a hotter climate, it was important for me to find a way to rid my face of unsightly sweat and these did just the trick. Now I will never leave the house without these!
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  • Truly Amazing

    These truly are incredible. I have always had oily skin and no matter what primer, what powder, what make up setting spray - and I don't even wear much make up - it was always sliding off my skin. These are a life saver, the only things that have actually gotten rid of the oily make up look, and helped my face stay that way for the rest of the day or night. A "can't live without" product.
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  • What oil?

    I'm really impressed, I have combination skin, more oily than dry, it soaks up the oil leaving my skin to look flawless. I will definitely be purchasing this again. Happy customer!
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  • Best Papers Ever

    My skin has gotten oilier as I get older (ugh!) so I have tried every oil control product in the world and these are by far the best blotting papers ever. They're pricey but I would normally have to use two papers from other brands whereas, these are a good large size. You barely have to touch the paper to your skin at all and it's like the paper draws the oil right up like a magnet! What I do is hold the paper up to my skin and then with my index finger I very gently push and swirl my finger around over the paper so I'm touching my face as gently as possible. These do not get sticky with your oil and pull your makeup away with it. They just absorb any moisture from your skin beautifully, leaving your makeup intact and looking 'petal fresh' indeed. I always replenish my stash of these papers any time I can get them for a good deal and keep a few packs of them at the ready in a drawer. I'm never without these papers and even when I've tried less expensive kinds, I always find myself reaching for these again. There's just nothing else that compares. I do think $10 would be more reasonable but at least they outperform every other brand for the price. Please bring the travel tube papers back in stock as I would love to get those but every time I try they're out of stock. Thank you!!
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