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Customer Reviews

  • New to this set

    I just got this set a few days ago and love it! It foams up the cleanser much better than doing by hand. And it looks so luxurious on my bathroom counter.
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  • A little surprised

    I know what you're paying for in this set is the brush, but I was surprised to find that neither the bowl nor the base was porcelain. (I hadn't read the 'ingredients' list on the page.) It is a cute enough set for the bathroom sink, but I think it would add a level of elegance to have had both the base and the bowl of china rather than lacquered wood (bowl) or clear plastic (base). Also, I had to take the word of other reviewers that Kashoen brushes are so coveted and costly, because I can't find any English websites that talk about that brand, except Tatcha's website. I will keep the set, but would probably not purchase it as a gift for anyone.
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  • Beautifully Grafted

    I love the whole colors combined in the set. Kashoen, small little brush so soft hairs, sturdy weight awesome beautifully made, it came neatly wrapped in a box with magnets on flap.. so stunning ravishing! When opening it, feeling a ritual, it has history in it! I just have it on display. Mr. Simon was fast fantastic patience with my issues from the carrier, Great Customer care! Nicely box the items lovely presentation! Alligato go sai mus!
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  • Beautiful Set that works wonders for the skin

    I love Tatcha products. ever since I started using their skincare my skin has never looked better. I have very sensitive skin so items like the Clarisonic irritate it. I have a few Kashoen makeup brushes, and absolutely adore them. When I saw this special set I had to get one. I love the Rice Enzyme powder, and this set makes it super easy to generate a lather, and the brush is such a pleasure to use. It really cleans my pores and skin, helps with circulation, doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and feels really nice. I also love how beautiful it looks. Considering Kashoen Brushes run about 75-1000 dollars the price of this set is amazing! I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
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  • An Art Of Beauty

    I am attracted by the Facial Brush Set by Kashoen 1883 on the Tatcha website.
    It looks an outstanding professional tool and as well as an art of beauty. I am always fascinated by the natural, traditional hand-made things. I love that feeling when I whisk the Rice Enzyme Powder with the brush in the bowl like the ambiance in the spa when I worked there and the brush is so velvety soft when it touches the skin. A Beautiful experience for "Giver and Receiver".
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