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Customer Reviews

  • Beautiful Set that works wonders for the skin

    I love Tatcha products. ever since I started using their skincare my skin has never looked better. I have very sensitive skin so items like the Clarisonic irritate it. I have a few Kashoen makeup brushes, and absolutely adore them. When I saw this special set I had to get one. I love the Rice Enzyme powder, and this set makes it super easy to generate a lather, and the brush is such a pleasure to use. It really cleans my pores and skin, helps with circulation, doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and feels really nice. I also love how beautiful it looks. Considering Kashoen Brushes run about 75-1000 dollars the price of this set is amazing! I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
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  • An Art Of Beauty

    I am attracted by the Facial Brush Set by Kashoen 1883 on the Tatcha website.
    It looks an outstanding professional tool and as well as an art of beauty. I am always fascinated by the natural, traditional hand-made things. I love that feeling when I whisk the Rice Enzyme Powder with the brush in the bowl like the ambiance in the spa when I worked there and the brush is so velvety soft when it touches the skin. A Beautiful experience for "Giver and Receiver".
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  • so great I had to get one for my husband too

    I love the way the brush and the rice enzyme powder go so well together. Even more surprising was my husband's reaction to the brush. It reminded him of an old brush he used in the 60s for his shaving cream. When he saw this, he insisted that I purchase him one and now uses it daily to lather his shaving cream on. Who would've thought?!
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  • Simply Lovely

    I actually have loved every curated item I have gotten from Tatcha. This is no exception. The brush is soft and it gently cleans your skin and if you are like me you just feel good when you have finished. I have sworn by the rice enzyme powders since I first learned about Tatcha and the combination is perfect. And indulgence that is useful as well as beautiful.
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  • I love it! (So happy it sold out) bring it back ASAP

    As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. I swear Tatcha must be reading our minds. It takes the rice exfoliant cleanser to the highest level allowing for bare hands free application. For many this will help evenly apply the rice powder maximizing its efficacy. The brush is exceptionally gentle/soft -not abrasive - it does the job even better than bare hands. When this comes back don't miss out. Its better than any hand held machine. Besides, look at how charming it is! So, my love affair with Tatcha continues. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all.
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