Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate | How To Use

Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate

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  • Allure


    “Daily Beauty Reporter”

    "A glorious, magical serum/face-cream hybrid that's changed everything."

  • Vogue2


    “Mineral-Rich Red Algae”

    “Overnight moisture that helps skin bounce back..”

  • Elle


    “The Supremes”

    “Leaves skin mega-moisturized and dewy come morning.”

When do I use this item/how do I incorporate into my ritual?
This item was made especially for you to use at night to reveal replenished, dewy skin by morning.

How does this serum concentrate work differently from your serums?
While our other serums are formulated for use both day and night, this serum is best used at night. This ultra concentrated formula is a rich, weightless serum concentrate of 15% oil that is non comedogenic. This high concentration allows the serum concentrate to more rapidly offer a visible improvement in skin texture, tone, clarity, and overall hydrated luminosity.

Do I use a moisturizer with it?
Most people find they don't need a moisturizer with this deeply hydrating formula, but if you have dry skin or are in a dry climate, please finish with a moisturizer.

How soon will I see results?
You should see results overnight, in just one use. You can expect to see visibly replenished, hydrated, smoother, more youthfully radiant skin by morning.

Can I use this if I have oily skin?
Yes, any skin type that is looking for a boost in youthful luminosity can use this. We have tested this formula to make sure it is non comedogenic, so it will not clog pores or cause blackheads or acne.

Does the serum concentrate feel different from a night cream or serum?
The replenishing extracts are concentrated into a unique memory gel that is firm to the touch, but dissolves luxuriously into the skin for a smooth application. The serum concentrate in the jar will return to original form after use.

Do I need to wash this off in the morning?
You do not need to wash this off, but can if you would like to.

How often can I use this?
Whenever you need a boost in revitalizing hydration, this formula is safe to use as often as you would like.

  • Tatcha makes all things wonderful for your skin; this is another one.

    This little pot of "pudding" is very, very comforting to the skin. It isn't heavy at all, and it spreads out and sinks in almost immediately (very important to me). In the morning you have a fresh face that isn't nearly as scary as my morning face is without the serum. No one believes I am the age I am, and part of that is excellent genetic code and the rest I owe to Tatcha.
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  • My favorite

    It's beautiful, unique, smells refreshing & feels like pure hydration. To my surprise I did not have to over apply to look ready to go in the morning. It's so effective I wear it during the daytime too.. (This is a winner for men as well) I have never seen or felt anything this luxurious!
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  • It's a must have for me!

    This is so fun to use. The texture is like nothing I have ever put on my skin before- so not your average serum! The jelly like substance feels cooling and melts into my skin. I apply it anywhere from 3 times a week to every night if I am feeling dry...which is more often with the artificial heat in my house during the Winter. My skin bounces right back to feeling lush, plump, and moist! A must have for product junkies like me!
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  • Not convenient to scoop

    This concentrate is like a jello-type comes with a small spoon, but it is not convenient to scoop with this little spoon. Every time I'm trying to scoop, some portion falls off and not easy to put some on my face. This does not have a strong smell and white, very liquidy in texture. It keeps my face moisturized, but I would not buy again.
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  • I can't get enough of this

    First of all, can we talk about the packaging of every single product on this website? Absolutely stunning! I love every single product they make and this one has to be my favourite. Before I started using this, my skin had been terrible. I had never had so many pimples and discolouration before, but then I started using this with the deep rice enzyme powder and after only a month, my skin improved a lot. I also started recommending your products to all my friends. I just love them so much.
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