Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers | How To Use

Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers

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How do I use this product?
Gently pat with a single leaflet – do not rub or wipe. Begin with the T-zone and blot entire face. Both sides of the paper sheet can be used. Discard after use.

What step in my skincare ritual is this product?
Aburatorigami paper sheets can be used at any time.

Are the beauty papers only for people with oily skin?
No – many of our customers have drier or more mature skin. The papers are an excellent alternative to powder for keeping skin petal-fresh.

Will the gold flake transfer onto my skin?
No, the gold flake is transfer-resistant. Unless the paper is completely soaked in water, the gold flake will not come off.

How do you pronounce aburatorigami, and what does it mean?
Aburatorigami (ah-BOO-rah-tour-i-gah-mee) refers to the gold-leaf origin of the blotting papers. The literal translation is ‘oil papers’, referring to the absorbent quality of the leaf.

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    Amazing beauty papers! Perfect for your purse with a small mirror on the end! I love it
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  • Indispensable!

    One of the best blotters on the market. Extremely portable and effective. Thanks, Tatcha!
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  • Love this product

    I don't wear makeup but these work great at removing oily buildup.....
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  • Love this

    Indispensable, excellent - I take them with me everywhere. Lasts long for the $$ too!
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  • Amazing!

    Absolutely love it!
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