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Camellia Beauty Oil Travel Size

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The precious Camellia was first discovered, thousands of years ago, by Japan's Oshima Island farm girls who applied the flower's extract to their skin and hair. The Ama (Japanese female free divers) evolved this ancient beauty secret, coating their bodies with Camellia Oil to protect their skin during frigid ocean dives. Centuries later, geisha began applying nutrient-rich Camellia Oil after bathing, a luxurious addition to their daily beauty ritual.

  • Vogue China

    Vogue China

    “Golden Heat Wave”

    "Can be used on hair, face, and body, retaining moisture while keeping both nourished."

  • Wall Street Journal

    Wall Street Journal

    “Bio Luminescence”

    "Hydrate, brighten and smooth skin"

  • ELLE


    “The It List”

    "Protects and nourishes skin while leaving a subtle shimmer"

How do I use this product?
After cleansing, apply a few drops to dry skin. TATCHA's Camellia Beauty Oil can be used on the face, neck and body, and at the ends of the hair.

What purpose do the gold flakes serve?
The gold flakes will crush when used, leaving a subtle gleam on the skin. 

What step in my skin care ritual is the Camellia Beauty Oil?
The Camellia Beauty Oil can be used as a moisturizer in the fourth step of the ritual, or as needed to nourish and protect skin and hair.

When should I use this product?
Camellia Beauty Oil can be used day and night, or as needed throughout the day.

Can I use this product around my eyes?
Yes, this item is safe for use around the eyes.

What skin type is the Camellia Beauty Oil best suited for?
The beauty oil is appropriate for all skin types, but is most effective for those with dry or combination skin.

Will the Beauty Oil make me break out?
No — like all TATCHA pieces, the Camellia Beauty Oil is non-comedogenic and will not cause breakouts.

  • The perfect oil

    I've been a Tatcha skincare user for almost 3 years now, and my favourite product has to be the Camellia oil. Camellia is a flower that is widely used in a lot of prestigious skincare or personal care products in Japan. It has powerful anti-oxidants that are known for anti-aging and skin restoration properties. The Tatcha Camellia oil is so easy to absorb and I use it nightly. I especially love the travel size bottle that I can carry easily during my long haul flights.
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  • Best Beauty Oil!

    I was nervous to try this product based on one of the reviews that said the oil did not absorb well. I am so glad I didn't let that stop me. This oil smells divine but it's so light I don't notice the smell long. I use it in my hair after washing and combing. It does not make my hair oily or greasy, which is important because I have thin naturally blond hair with an oily scalp. I have also used this on my skin and it absorbs so quickly. The oil moisturizes and conditions my dry skin for days. If it was a little more cost effective, I would bathe in it every day to moisturize stretched, pregnant skin.
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  • Camellia oil

    Love it!
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  • A Special Oil That Has Become A Staple!

    Love! Love! Love! This oil. Can't say enough and I don't even know exactly what I can say about it except it's wonderful. Magic in a bottle. The gold flecks just make it that much better. The oil has a soft floral scent that shouldn't irritate anyone and it melts into your skin so fast, leaving your skin feeling soooo soft. I was amazed at how soft my face felt after using this product. Also I love adding a drop to any liquid foundation (application is easier and a lot smoother). I'm happy Tatcha offers this oil in a travel size so the cost is more manageable. Love it!
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  • A face saver!

    I am on chemotherapy and my skin was a disaster. In two weeks, I have the softest skin. It's almost miraculous. Thanks, Tatcha!
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