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Customer Reviews

  • Best for me and you

    This cream calms and heals my skin, and delivers silky, soft skin and removes and redness or itchy spots. It's not greasy or heavy at all and makes skin feel silky soft without any residue and I have used it on my face and have no issues, was so happy I bought 2 more. Love it so much I recommended my freinds/family to TATCHA. GREAT JOB TATCHA!
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  • Amazing moisturizing body butter

    This stuff is amazing! I tend to skimp on skincare for my body as opposed to my face. My face breaks out and is super sensitive, but the rest of my skin doesn't show how dry and unhappy it is with no lotion on. Drugstore lotions, even the best ones, leave me feeling filmy or greasy. But this one is a game changer that is totally worth it.
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  • Deep tissue healing Under-rated

    With all the over-promoted and celebrity-endorsed products available it's not unusual to pass this beautiful healing soothing softening butter as just another fancy over greasy tinted creme. Do not underestimate the healing properties of this butter it warms up deeper tissue as well as surface irritations known to the sensitive variety. The feeling of over moisturized greasy products makes me uneasy during work hours especially, and the unforgivable daily stresses that modern living is familiar with, they're for tension headaches and stiff back become a companion. Anyone in modern life should have this butter in travel-size nearby at all times too quickly massage those tense shoulders before they become awful knots. It warms up after applying and particularly the area where the knot/tension is. To my shock, I had to check if this was information I skipped when purchasing, and it wasn't. Usually, products for sensitive skin are simple, the formulas are focused on prevention of being rich. By avoiding an existing condition, to not irritate further. Details mention nothing of muscular healing or tension loosening abilities, thankfully it does for me.
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  • Love this body butter!

    I can't wait until the Wintertime! I feel this is great for the dry skin that I get during Winter. Keeps it nice and hydrated.
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  • Quality has changed.

    I have been a loyal customer for Tatcha's Indigo Soothing Silk Body Cream from the beginning of time. It has been our family's to-go ointment for any skin irritations, and it has worked wonders. We always keep at least a full jar at hand besides the jar we are using, and I've recommended it to family and friends proudly. However, the new jars I received from Tatcha official website last month (August), has a lighter purple color compared to my previous jars. It is so obvious that both my husband and me noticed the color difference, since we still had our old jar at hand. Purple, in other words, indigo, is the active ingredient in this product, as reflected in its name. I hope Tatcha didn't change the recipe, or dilute the indigo content in this body cream. Right now, I am not sure about recommending Tatcha to any friends or families any more.
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