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Soothing Silk Body Butter

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During my travels to Japan, I often heard reference to “Samurai Blue”, a rich shade referred to by the rest of the world as Indigo. I discovered that when the noble samurai journeyed across their domain, they wore a layer of Indigo-dyed cotton beneath their armor. The Indigo, famed for its anti-inflammatory powers, would begin to heal wounds the moment they were sustained. The samurai’s reliance upon this powerful plant led to its nickname, “Samurai Blue”.

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Will the blue hue stain my skin or clothes?
The sky-blue is naturally imparted from the pure Indigo extract. It will not stain skin or clothing.

Why does the shade of butter vary?
Due to the natural botanical extract, the shade of Indigo may vary; the efficacy of the formulation remains the same.

  • Aided My Psoriasis

    I tried this indigo body cream because of the wonderful reviews regarding skin inflammation. I have suffered from psoriasis since my early childhood and even though I keep it well managed with a strict diet, I sometimes get irritation and flaky patches on my eyelids, hairline, elbows, and knees.

    I started putting the body butter on my elbows and knees and the irritation from my psoriasis went down within three days. Within two weeks the skin had returned to normal.

    I also put the body butter on my face. At first it made me breakout but I was expecting that reaction, any change in a skin routine will make you breakout. After five days my psoriasis on my face turned from flaky skin to red skin, then the red skin after a week dissipated into a lighter, natural color. After about two weeks I'm breakout free (from the skin care change), but more importantly my skin isn't peeling or bleeding! For this, I couldn't be more grateful.

    The scent of the body butter is soft and it dries clear and light. Applying this indigo wonder has become a ritual as well as a luxury that I look forward to daily. Thank you tatcha for supplying a product that provides me relief and comfort.
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  • Amazing eczema relief

    Ok. So--- I have tried everything for my hands. I'm a bartender and the acid from citrus and the bleach from the dishwasher has destroyed my hands. Full on oil treatments tend to be rejected by my skin. Finally-- a soothing relief to my parched hands!! Not to mention the aesthetic of the packaging and the minimalism of the scent. A treat indeed!
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  • Heals Poison Oak!

    "Boy that blue stuff really stays put" that's what I said to my daughter as she lovingly treated me with this for one week. I looked forward to her twice daily affection"Now you won't have any scars" she said. She even applied it to my forhead. Note: Always keep some Indigo in the house
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