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Soothing Silk Hand Cream

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During my travels to Japan, I often heard reference to “Samurai Blue”, a rich shade referred to by the rest of the world as Indigo. I discovered that when the noble samurai journeyed across their domain, they wore a layer of Indigo-dyed cotton beneath their armor. The Indigo, famed for its anti-inflammatory powers, would begin to heal wounds the moment they were sustained. The samurai’s reliance upon this powerful plant led to its nickname, “Samurai Blue”.

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Will the blue hue stain my skin or clothes?
The sky-blue is naturally imparted from the pure Indigo extract. It will not stain skin or clothing. Wash or rinse to remove residue.

Why does the shade of hand cream vary?
Due to the natural botanical extract, the shade of Indigo may vary; the efficacy of the formulation remains the same.

  • Soft and Moist Hands!

    After using it ,my hand is very moist!
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  • Amazing product! - I would give it 10 stars if I could!!

    I have tried many different hand creams over the years, and in my opinion this product is absolutely the best! It balances the protection of an occlusive barrier cream, with a very smooth, light, and nongreasy feel upon application.

    It is an excellent moisturizer (containing squalene, in addition to traditional humectants like glycerin), but what makes it truly special is that in addition, it is very effective against inflammatory conditions. If your hands get red and irritated in addition to just having dry skin, and in particular if you have eczema or an atopic dermatitis, or other similar inflammation-driven skin condition, I have found this hand cream to be just amazing!!

    The latest formulation of Tatcha's Soothing Silk Hand Cream promotes the significant addition of colloidal oatmeal, but doesn't highlight another very valuable addition… Along with including Japanese indigo (Polygonum) extract, the new formulation also now includes "true indigo" (Indigofera) extract... Each species of indigo contains different anti-inflammatory substances, that work together to make the product even more effective. Along with green tea extract, rice germ oil/inositol, algae extract (Hadasei-3), plus chamomile, licorice, and silk (sericin) extracts, this hand cream has so many high-quality actives, but is at a much more reasonable price point than some of other Tatcha's higher-end products.

    The fact that it has a very pleasant light scent that comes from a natural, rather than synthetic, fragrance; and a xylitol-based preservative system instead of parabens, etc., are two more big pluses. I also really prefer that it comes in a convenient tube rather than a (very pretty but less convenient) jar!

    All this combined with Tatcha's fantastic customer service (and classy touches like a handwritten note at the bottom of each shipping letter, that accompanies your well packed order in purple tissue paper!), has made ordering from this well-run company, and this product in particular for me, a great blessing! Thanks so much Tatcha!!!
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  • Not only for hands

    I purchased the full size a couple of weeks ago after trying it out in the travel size. I have eczema patches in random places, like on my neck, on one ear, around my mouth and eyes and in the décolletage area. The Tatcha Intense Renewal Treatment has helped me to stop using steroids on my skin. Nevertheless the affected areas are very sensitive and easily dry out and then get itchy again. Since I can't use the Renewal treatment during the day (it needs to be applied thickly and is blue, and who wants to carry around a tub of cream anyways) I have started to apply the hand cream two to three times during the day on my eczema prone spots. That totally does the trick and keeps them moisturized and non-itchy during the day. The bigger eczema spots are becoming smaller and smaller with this dual treatment approach. So the hand cream doubles up as a nice hand cream as well as eczema day care. I also love the tube form, as it carries much better in a purse and the thin dispenser end feels more hygienic on the go than a tub of cream. A great solution for my needs. Definitely recommend :-)
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  • Such a difference!

    I was astounded at the difference in my hands with the first application! I absolutely love it!
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  • Amazing texture/scent

    I bought the travel size lotion and was truly amazed by the size. It was a good amount for the price. Initially, I was a little skeptical about the lotion being blue, but once I tried it the texture was amazing and silky and the smell was an added bonus. It is a very hydrating lotion. I finished the lotion in a week and purchased the regular size right after. This is a must have a lotion. You would want to repurchase it time and time again.
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