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“Double Takes: Exfoliating Powders”

“...smooths with rice enzymes and soothes with oatmeal and indigo extracts.”

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Customer Reviews

  • Indigo rice scrub

    My 66 year old skin has a new glow. I love this product along with the cleansing oil. Best company I have ever dealt with and the packaging is also beautiful. Great job, keep it up. :)
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  • Great Product!

    My face feels very smooth after I use this power.
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  • Beautiful cleanser and exceptional customer service

    I had previously used the gentle rice cleanser. For the first few days to two weeks, I loved it, but then my skin started to get irritated and red. I stopped using the Tatcha and my skin returned to normal. I informed customer service, and they were just so lovely. I asked if there was a more gentle powder, and they said there wasn't. Months later, customer service contacted me to ask me to ask if I would be interested in trying a new formulation. I have used it now for three weeks. I have very sensitive, combination, acne-prone skin. I use prescription tretinoin, which makes my already- sensitive skin even crankier. This indigo cleanser is gorgeous. Yes, that's right: gorgeous. It beautifully cleanses skin with it's creamy foam and leaves no residue. It makes your skin feel so soft. Tatcha has earned a customer in me. With a premium product comes premium customer service.
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  • Effective 4 everyone

    I love the indigo collection & can't wait for more!
    I was very happy with this new, wonderful enzyme exfoliant. I used it on my face and even tried it on my shins. It worked a lot on both areas. I plan on using this forever. It's perfect for all of us who want or need exfoliation while simultaneously cleansing. Consistency is key (whatever your skin will tolerate) I have used all of the powders. I like to alternate this with the gentle on a regular bases. Using the deep once in awhile. It will work for normal skin as well. Sometimes slow & steady works the best. I swear by using this on the body too! Traditional scrubs just make my razor bumps worse, this was the answer. Enjoy!
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  • better than prescriptions

    I've been using a cream from my dermatologist to try and treat the tough skin on my face. Nothing had worked and I was so desperate for an exfoliator that I figured I would just splurge and give this a try. I am FLOORED because nothing has ever reconditioned my skin like this. The powder is amazing and I want to use it all the time, forever :))
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