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Soothing Renewal Treatment

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During my travels to Japan, I often heard reference to “Samurai Blue”, a rich shade referred to by the rest of the world as Indigo. I discovered that when the noble samurai journeyed across their domain, they wore a layer of Indigo-dyed cotton beneath their armor. The Indigo, famed for its anti-inflammatory powers, would begin to heal wounds the moment they were sustained. The samurai’s reliance upon this powerful plant led to its nickname, “Samurai Blue”.

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Will the blue hue stain my skin or clothes?
The sky-blue is naturally imparted from the pure Indigo extract. It will not stain skin or clothing. Wash or rinse to remove residue.

Why does the shade of treatment vary?
Due to the natural botanical extract, the shade of Indigo may vary; the efficacy of the formulation remains the same.

  • Please bring it back

    I can't believe Tatcha discontinued this product. That Soothing Renewal Treatment is like no cream that I have used. I have extremely sensitive skin that becomes red and irritated very easily. This is the only cream that gives instant relief and clears the irritation completely after a couple of applications. I use the triple recovery cream which is excellent but does not compare to the Soothing Renewal cream when it come to healing eczema and other similar skin conditions. It's great alone or mixed with other Tatcha products for extra moisturization or to prevent irritation in cold weather. So lost without it.
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  • Please bring it back!

    I had a patch of bad Eczema and used this from a sample long time back. It helped. Now my Eczema is back again and nothing work. I want this so bad now!
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  • Please bring it back!

    This is amazing and is highly rated. One thing I noticed is that in the sample packets, it's creamier. When I first used it, I thought wow, this is a great moisturizer not just a treatment. The two jars I bought were not as creamy but still love it. I would love it if you would consider my experience between the jar & samples. My best friend wanted this so bad because of a sample packet and wanted to use it as an every night product. Is it possible to bring it back in the jar but the consistency in the samples. Please, please, please don't take it away......
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  • Please Bring This Back!

    I have psoriasis on my face and neck. Have tried countless over the counter psoriasis/eczema creams and nothing works as well as this. PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!!!
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  • Rash eraser - It's still working, always has!

    Great product for anything irritated. My daughter uses this on me for everything from poison ivy, oak, bug bite, razor burn, scrapes and more..... Like most men I don't love anything with an overpowering fragrance. This smells slightly earthy without any perfume. She comes up the stairs some mornings with blue on her face and it makes me smile. As a 69-year-old man should I really know all that I do about Tatcha? Please do not discontinue the Soothing renewal or anything blue. I would miss out on a lot of TLC. As long as she comes toward me with a blue container I know that I am about to be treated and it really works!
    PS. I do enjoy the natural aroma of your products and admit I welcome my daughters Tatcha facials. Well done, Tatcha!
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