Pure Silk Polishing Face Cloth | How To Use

Pure Silk Polishing Face Cloth
Pure Silk Polishing Face Cloth (5 Pack)

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How is it different from other cleansing cloths?
For centuries, silk has been beloved for its luxurious texture and skin soothing benefits. We created this 100% silk cloth because it provides a uniquely luxurious exfoliating experience. More gentle than cotton, silk has the added benefit of nourishing the skin because of its unique composition of proteins and amino acids.

How long does it last?
About six months to a year, depending on daily usage and cleaning. 

How do I clean the cloth?
The cloth is machine washable, but it will last much longer when washed by hand. Simply rinse the cloth thoroughly in water with a gentle cleanser and hang dry. 

How often do I use the cloth?
You can use the cloth as often as you like. It is gentle enough to use twice daily, with or without the Cleansing Oil or Rice Enzyme Powder. 

Should I use the cloth with the Cleansing Oil or Enzyme Powder?
We recommend using it to remove the Cleansing Oil, then following with your preferred Enzyme Powder. For tips, see our blog.

Should I remove my makeup before using the Pure Silk Polishing Face Cloth?
We recommend removing mascara and heavy eye makeup before cleansing with the Silk Cloth. 

  • Amazing!

    I can't believe that I purchased this about a year ago and barely started using it a couple of weeks ago. What a difference! I like to try different products and a couple of weeks ago , not liking the appearance of my skin, I decided to use my stock of TATCHA products which includes the cleansing oil and this wonderful cloth. My skin literally has transformed, never has it felt this smooth. I've always suffered with hormonal acne, even now in my early 30s and these products along with this cloth have made me not want to stop touching and looking at my skin. I love this brand, Vicky seems like a great person and I appreciate the care that is provided by this company even while packaging their products.
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  • I LOVE this cloth!

    I've had it for a month or longer! It definitely enhances the polished look I get from my Tatcha skin care products! I'm a fan of this & everything Tatcha!
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  • Beautiful necessity

    Having never used a silk cloth before, I splurged on this one thinking it would be a lovely luxury for my bathroom counter. Little did I know that this would quickly become the most essential piece in my face-washing routine! I use it twice a day and take it with me when I travel. I can't be without it at this point!
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  • Gorgeous...

    First time I used a silk cloth to polish my face ... it's so smooth, clean and helps to exfoliate my dead skin as well, especially post acne scars. I always look forward to using this cloth. Regrettably, I only purchased one, when I should have purchase them in a pack to share with family and friends. Love, love, love Tatcha!
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  • Perfect

    I have older skin and am outdoors a great deal. This leaves my skin feeling exfoliated without it feeling dehydrated. Perfect with Tatcha products!!
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