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  • Bazaar

    Harper's Bazaar

    “Love This Lipstick”

    "In a sea of similar red lip colors, occasionally a star emerges. Tatcha Kyoto Red Silk Lipstick ($55) is the one you want now. Faceted like a jewel, this long-lasting shade was inspired by the geisha's iconic vermillion lip."

  • O Magazine

    O, The Oprah Magazine

    “Mouth Piece”

    "Isn't it interesting the way some sophisticated things are really simple? Like the perfect black sheath. And a bold red lipstick."

  • Marie Claire

    Marie Claire

    “What Erin Loves”

    "This stunning crimson lipstick perfectly replicates the famous lip color of Kyoto's timeless geisha."

  • Departures


    “Personal Best”

    "Inspired by geisha makeup, the vivid red shade contains silk extract, as well as green tea; Okinawa red algae, and Japanese rice bran extracts."

What type of finish does this lipstick have?
This lipstick has a matte finish. Blotting is not required to achieve a true matte color, but it can be layered for a subtle glossiness.

How will I know if this looks good on my skin tone?
Warm and cool-toned red pigments create a perfect neutral shade that looks beautiful on all complexions.

What makes this lipstick different from other red lipsticks?
This lipstick combines rare ingredients like pure silk and nourishing botanical oils to provide nourishing anti-aging benefits while instantly illuminating the face. This unique formula is long-lasting, yet leaves lips hydrated.

Is this lipstick scented, or does it have a fragrance?
The Kyoto Red Silk Lipstick is unscented and fragrance-free.

Why is this limited edition?
We made only a small number of these lipsticks because of the time
and ingredients required to craft each one.

How did TATCHA develop this lipstick?
We worked with chemists from the Tatcha Institute to create a texture and color that would truly become a go-to classic for modern women everywhere.

  • Red lipstick

    Beautiful was amazing that I went through 2 meals and it didn't come off all day.
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  • Very different red!

    I have read reviews where people did not like this due to color: one said it was "orange-red", another said "cherry-red". Opposite ends of the spectrum. As someone who has probably 40 different red lipsticks, I can say this is a standout. I was at first concerned that it may be too warm. Those concerns were unfounded. This lipstick changes base color based on skin tone AND other shades of makeup you may be wearing. I find it works with EVERYTHING! It has a wonderful smooth non-dry texture, and out of all my reds, this is the one I use most. (I bought backups for fear it would be out of stock when I needed a new one.). I really can't imagine this shade looking bad on anyone. Perhaps those who had negative experiences are not used to bold reds. That can be a bit shocking for those who have worn neutrals all their lives. As someone who has worn just about every color under the rainbow, and countless reds, this is a winner!
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  • Simply Stunning

    For reference, I have very fair skin and always wear lip balm under all of my lipsticks. I was worried this might look orange on me since I have a warm skin tone. However, it goes on as a gorgeous, classic red and somehow stands out from the other reds in my collection. The formula is opaque, yet lightweight and silky and wears for several hours. It arrived in beautiful packaging and is housed in a luxe, metal case. I never thought red would be my everyday, go-to lipstick, but I've worn it every day since it arrived. It adds instant glamour to whatever I'm wearing and I absolutely LOVE it!!!
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  • Did not disappoint!

    The main reason I love this lipstick is for its staying power. I wear braces (Invisalign braces) and the lip stick does not rub on to the plastic braces at all, where as other lipsticks all rub on to my braces. However, the lipstick does not feel light on the lips compared to my other lip sticks. The shade is more of a deep red, rather than a bright orange kind of red. Overall I am happy with it.
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  • Soft and long lasting

    The angled tip is great for application without lip liner. The formula goes on very smooth and the matte effect gives me a lasting look. I have never worn red before but now that I am its very empowering. With my lip color and skin tone the color appears to be brighter and can be viewed as a brighter red then deep maroon red. But I received so many compliments when I wore it and there is something special about wearing the same color of a geisha thousands of years ago.
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